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Sebastian Stan Would Play Luke Skywalker If....

Actor Sebastian Stan, whom most of you probably know from his Marvel movies in which he portrays “Bucky Barnes” aka “The Winter Soldier”, has been a fan favorite to play a young Luke Skywalker for years. Quite a few fans think Stan looks a lot like a young Mark Hamill and would be a perfect fit to play a young(er) Luke. While on his PR tour for the new Disney+ series “Falcon and the Winter Soldier” Stan appeared on Good Morning America where he was directly confronted with the question if he would play Luke Skywalker. And Sebastian Stan would be up for it, but only if Mark Hamill gave his blessing.

If Mark Hamill called me, personally, to tell me he feels inclined to share this role with me, then I will believe it. Until then, I won’t believe it.

Hamill would certainly give his blessing though, so this no real hurdle. The real question is if Lucasfilm would want a Luke Skywalker project. And what could that project be? Click through for some speculation!

He would totally do it. Yes, he would!

Ok, let’s imagine Lucasfilm greenlight a live action Luke Skywalker project. What could it be? What should it be?

  1. There’s always the obvious option: make a Disney+ series about Luke post Return of the Jedi, but loooooooooooooooong (add several more”o’s” here) before The Force Awakens. Now the big question is why anyone would care about Luke’s adventures post ROTJ and his efforts to rebuild the Jedi order, when we all know that Luke becomes a milk drinking curmudgeon on an island, after abandoning his family and friends in time of need, after almost killing his own nephew in his sleep and the subsequent complete destruction of his Jedi temple and murder of/conversion to the dark side of his students
  2. If you want to be a bit more crazy (add several Googols more of “a bit” here, please) you can fantasize about some other Disney+ series undoing the sequels, maybe Ahsoka goes on a crazy adventure through space and time and causes the sequels to be undone. Which is, of course, extremely unlikely. And the new Luke Disney+ series is set in that new continiuty, offering fans an open ended adventure. Thus we, the fans, wouldn’t know it all ends in failure anyway
  3. Or you can be really, really (add several Graham’s numbers worth of “really” here, please) crazy and think about the following option… after the success of the Zack Snyder Justice League cut, which basically restored a butchered project back to its original state, as intended by the artist, Lucasfilm remember that they have unused treatments and script ideas by George Lucas in the vault and they use them to make an all new sequel to Return of the Jedi, the “Lucas cut”, so to speak, with Lucas as creative consultant and/or executive producer on board, to ensure the original vision of Lucas is realized properly. Or maybe he comes up with an all new script idea to accomodate for the fact that Sebastian Stan is more suited for young Luke roles, not so much old Luke. Of course this would also mean you’d have to recast Han and Leia. Alden Ehrenreich could still play Han, Billie Lourd could play Leia, Donald Glover is already Lando and even though it wouldn’t be a reunion of the original cast, which is no longer possible, this hypothetical (very hypothetical, with several Tree(3) worth of “very” here) project would still be a reunion of the original Star Wars characters, even if portrayed by different actors
  4. Sebastian Stan will not be cast as Luke. Lucasfilm just make a $350+ million CGI festival with digital recreations of the Star Wars characters, that earns $10 billion at the global box office and later wins 10 Academy Awards. Also, Kathleen Kennedy is awarded the Nobel Prize of Economic Sciences after this and goes on to become the first female president of the USA

So what would your favorite potential Luke Skywalker project be?

  • standard Disney+ series about Luke’s adventures post ROTJ (aka Adventures in Babysitting Grogu) – estimated probability (should there ever be a Luke project): 90%
  • a Luke project with CGI Luke (and potentially CGI Han and CGI Leia as well) – estimated probability 0.0000001%
  • a Luke series set in a new timeline after the sequels have been undone – estimated probability: 0.000000000000000000000000000000000000001%
  • or a full blown new (movie) sequel to Return of the Jedi, with total creative control from George Lucas (who would certainly not direct, but write the story/script and/or consult) not just with Luke, but with Han, Leia and Lando as well, also set in a new timeline of course, so you don’t cry bitter tears throughout the entire 2+ hours runtime of the movie knowing how it all ends – estimated probability: 10 to the power of minus (Googol to the power of Graham’s number to the power of Tree(3))%

Or do you have some other idea of your own? So what would you like to see? What do you think Lucasfilm will do and what do you think it is they should do? Leave your opinion and own ideas in the comments! Also, there’s no real need to remind anyone here what you think of the sequels. It is common knowledge. So try to focus on a potential new Sebastian Stan Luke Skywalker project and not so much on how much this or that caused you mental harm or bodily pain – or possibly both. Let’s just have some fun!



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