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The Real Reason Why Darth Revan Wasn't Released For TVC Revealed?

You will certainly remember The Vintage Collection drama about Darth Revan. Hasbro originally announced plans to put Revan on a vintage card, but hopes of collectors were dashed when they found out that Revan would be yet another repack of an old sculpt and not a new figure. Fans were unhappy and told Hasbro on fansites what they think about repacking the old Revan.

And then TVC Darth Revan was canceled, because of fan feedback, or so Hasbro said. Collectors felt that Hasbro had actually listened to them and was happy. Someone is claiming to contradict that. New information coming from toy industry veteran Scott Neitlich (he worked at Mattel and has industry contacts) has surfaced that casts the story in a new light and you will not believe what he says happened! Click through for the full story and please sit down, because you may find it hard to believe what I am about to tell you.

TVC Darth Revan

Darth Revan

Before I talk about Darth Revan I want to talk about the source for the story. The info comes from a YouTube video from the “Spector Creative” channel, which is operated by Scott Neitlich.

Scott Neitlich is a toy industry veteran (and a toy collector). He worked in the industry for close to 25 years, he worked at Mattel where he oversaw things like MOTU (Masters of the Universe) or their DC line of figures. So Scott has this YouTube channel “Spector Creative” and it is, in my opinion, the single best and most valuable source of information about how the toy industry works. He provides a wealth of valuable insight, info most adult collectors have been asking for for a long, long time. Scott’s videos will probably answer ALL the questions you ever had about why things are what they are and why things that seemingly make no sense, at least to toy collectors, make a lot of sense for retailers and toy companies.

So anyone who is even remotely interested in how or why things are what they are… from empty toy pegs at Walmart, wave 1 syndrome, to why Hasbro (toy companies in general) loves Walmart and considers them a great retail partner should check out his channel! However, you may not always like what he tells you. He bursts quite a few toy collector bubbles, but by doing so you will hopefully gain an understanding of why things are what they are and how both retail and toy companies think and work. And how certain things are entirely the responsibility of the retailer and not so much the toy company (wave 1 syndrome comes to mind).

With that out of the way I want to talk about Darth Revan.

Earlier today Scott posted a video titled “Top 10 Toy Collector Misconceptions” and buried in it is an eye-opening revelation about why Revan didn’t make it to TVC – according to Scott’s actual industry sources. So what did happen?

According to Scott’s sources – and he hard this from multiple sources even – the real reason Hasbro didn’t release Darth Revan in the Vintage collection is that they simply forgot about him.

Scott’s sources tell him that around the time Revan was meant to go into production there was a team change at Hasbro, people left the Hasbro Star Wars team, new people joined the team, and the new Star Wars team at Hasbro simply forgot that the old team had Revan planned for TVC. As simple as that.

Hasbro later went with the story that they listened to fan feedback but, at least according to what Scott was told by his multiple sources, it was merely an internal Hasbro mishap due to the team change behind the scenes that resulted in some confusion and ultimately in no Darth Revan for TVC.

You can watch Scott’s video below, but I recommend you check out his YouTube channel “Spector Creative”. The segment about Darth Revan is around the 9:20 mark, but just watch the whole thing, it’s 15 minutes long but well worth your time! It’ is Scott’s unproven opinion “Hasbro request” articles, like those posted here – will have any effect or impact on Hasbro or any toy company really. But we have the receipts to prove otherwise on that detail.

So… what do you think? I guess people may find it hard to believe that Hasbro’s new SW team forgot about releasing a figure… but stranger things have happened…

And again: check out “Spector Creative” on YouTube, if you are interested in toy industry insider info and a great behind the scenes look of the toy industry and how everything works. You will find enough material to keep you entertained and informed for days and days. And if you are a MOTU fan his channel is absolutely recommended too, of course, since he actually worked on the line. But Star Wars collectors will find plenty of videos that talk about more general things as well!

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