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A Baker's Dozen Of Ways Hasbro Bungled The 40th Anniversary Of The Empire Strikes Back For The Vintage Collection

2020 has come and gone, and that’s good for many reasons, of course. But it’s bad for others. One reason in particular that it’s not good is because of how Hasbro treated The Vintage Collection for The Empire Strikes Back’s 40th Anniversary. (more….)

Once again, the scale that made the 6″ line possible got the shaft, while The Black Series 6″ line got all nearly everything we wanted in a 3.75″ super-articulated scale. Enthusiasts of The Vintage Collection have been longing for over a decade at this point for some of the items that top our list. We’ve compiled a baker’s dozen-worth of things we wished we’d had seen at any point in 2020. And unbelievably, there aren’t too many requests for all-new tooling. This means it would have cost Hasbro next to nothing to get out all of these wonderful toys again with maximum profits. How sad it is that Hasbro has all of this wonderful tooling collecting dust in their factories when they could get them into production again to make their long-suffering fans happy. Hopefully, all of these ideas we present will come to us at some point. But if not, we’ll continue to air our grievances until we see some action from Hasbro.


13. 2014’s The Black Series [Phase I] Wedge Antilles (#29) (Photo Real updating, upgraded paint operations, TVC packaging)


12. 2009’s Legacy Collection Zuckuss (BD54) (TVC packaging)


11. 2012’s The Vintage Collection Princess Leia (Bespin Outfit) (VC111) (Photo Real updating, improved deco, and alternate Kenner card art of 1980’s ESB Leia Organa (Bespin Gown) figure for updated TVC packaging)


10. Mix of parts from 2009’s The Legacy Collection Ugnaught (BD 43) and 2009’s Legacy Collection Ugnaught (BD28) figures to recreate 1981 ESB Ugnaught figure and place in TVC packaging.


9. 2011’s The Vintage Collection Rebel Soldier (Echo Base Battle Gear) (VC68) (Photo Real updating)


8. 2011’s The Vintage Collection Luke Skywalker (Dagobah Landing) (VC44) (Photo Real updating)


7. NEW TOOLING: All-new head sculpt for 2009’s Legacy Collection Cloud City Wing Guard (BD50) to recreate 1980 ESB Bespin Security Guard with the mustache.


6. Re-release 2010’s Star Wars [Shadow Of The Dark Side] Bespin Cloud Car in The Vintage Collection packaging.


5. Re-release the Wampa from 2018’s Star Wars [The Last Jedi] Wampa/Luke Skywalker (Hoth) Deluxe set in The Vintage Collection packaging.


4. NEW TOOLING: All-new Luke Skywalker (Hoth Battle Gear) and Han Solo (Hoth Outfit) action figures utilizing the 5POA digital files (2015’s Rebels Luke Skywalker/Han Solo (MS15) Mission Series set) for definitive versions of these characters.


3. NEW TOOLING: All-new AT-AT Driver for The Vintage Collection to check off the 1981 ESB AT-AT Driver figure.


2. NEW TOOLING: PLEASE RELEASE The Empire Strikes Back Yoda utilizing the blueprints of the Boss Fight Studio planned figure. That Special Action Figure set version doesn’t cut the mustard!


1. NEW TOOLING: All-new Lando Calrissian for The Vintage Collection to check off the 1980 ESB Lando Calrissian figure. What the heck, Hasbro?!



2009’s Legacy Collection Luke Skywalker (BD51) (Photo Real updating and TVC packaging)


2014’s The Black Series [Phase I] Toryn Farr (#23) (Photo Real updating and TVC packaging – Torynn Farr was an original The Vintage Collection candidate before the line was canceled)


2014’s The Black Series [Phase I] Snowtrooper Commander (#24) (TVC packaging – Snowtrooper Commander was an original The Vintage Collection candidate before the line was canceled)

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