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Man-Babyness Gets The Job Done, So Here We Go Again: TVC Can No Longer Get The Shaft

Look, this isn’t another dig at “sixers.” So don’t take it that way. But will Hasbro ever throw a bone to TVC collectors? It’s pure frustration. The Vintage Collection cannot catch a break. Retail doesn’t care. Collectors are getting numb again. And it’s obvious that Hasbro certainly doesn’t care. (more….)

Our man-baby ways prevented the awful and outdated Darth Revan (VC150) figure from seeing re-release. Our man-baby ways got Hasbro to wake-up about that awful Captain Rex sculpt. And our man-baby ways got the TVC Boba Fett figure card art corrected. And there have been many other things our man-baby ways prevented disaster in the line. So, here we go again. We are PROUD man-babies.

The Mando Monday announcement of the next The Black Series Archive line hit a nerve. This repacked group of characters include most of the figures in 3.75″ scale that are commanding premium values on the aftermarket. So, of course, Hasbro offers them to 6″ collectors. While TVC collectors are petitioning left and right to keep the line afloat, they once again get the shaft from Hasbro. It’s almost laughable.

What does Hasbro give us instead? Do you remember the horrid repacks from “The Great Debacle of 2012” like Battle Droid and Queen Amidala, and then for good measure then pour salt in the wound with Anakin Skywalker (Peasant Disguise) and that TOTALLY crappy Imperial TIE Fighter Pilot no one wants. Seriously folks, who is running Star Wars at Hasbro? Because it’s a complete disastrous nightmare. In all honesty, this is about as frustrating as any other TVC neglect or slight, but it’s becoming cumulative, and many collectors are reaching their saturation points.

All four of the figures that Hasbro put together to make up the next batch of The Black Series Archive figures are available in one capacity or another in 3.75″ super-articulated scale and in desperate need of re-release. And they ALSO could have taken this opportunity to upgrade the Tusken Raider’s elbows with ball-jointed articulation even though we need an all-new figure). But the former would have been glorious. Hasbro should have put together a repack and repaint wave including the Imperial Tank Driver, Imperial Tank Commander (both of which command RIDICULOUS money on the aftermarket), Imperial Death Trooper, and Scarif Stormtrooper (among so many other pivotal action figures to support The Mandalorian).

If you’re not “outraged” by this then there is something wrong with you. I put “outraged” in quotes because Star Wars collecting isn’t real life, and we have major world problems that make all of this pale by comparison. So keep this entire post in perspective. But enough is enough. Anyone who will find balance or understanding in Hasbro’s favor on this is a wolf in sheep’s clothing for the 3.75″ The Vintage Collection line. Don’t be fooled. The Vintage Collection is swimming upstream and getting nowhere. And it’s about time collectors not accept one egregious action after another when it comes to the precious The Vintage Collection line from Hasbro any longer. It’s the only way the line will have success.

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