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The Mandalorian Is The Top Rated Entertainment Franchise According To Poll

NRG, a global “insight company”, has conducted more than 350,000 interviews to find out which entertainment franchise is considered to be the most bold, thought-provoking and inclusive. And the top rated franchise is: The Mandalorian! Click through for the full list of the top 20 rated franchises!

The Mandalorian Banner

The Mandalorian is popular

Here is the list of the top 20 rated entertainment franchises, according to NRG:

  1. “The Mandalorian”
  2. “Avengers”
  3. “Stranger Things”
  4. “John Wick”
  5. “Black Panther”
  6. “Guardians of the Galaxy”
  7. “The Witcher”
  8. “Ozark”
  9. “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse”
  10. “Black Widow”
  11. “Deadpool”
  12. “Thor”
  13. “Iron Man”
  14. “Mario Bros.”
  15. “Toy Story”
  16. Doctor Strange”
  17. “Spider-Man”
  18. “Coco”
  19. “The Lion King”
  20. “Hamilton”

NRG conducted interviews about 700 entertainment franchises in total. To come out on top is certainly impressive. But I am not entirely certain that this list is purely about being “bold, thought-provoking and inclusive” and if good old “popularity” is also a huge factor here.

What makes me sad is that a Star Trek series is nowhere to be found. Star Trek used to be the poster child for boldness, inclusivity and being thought-provoking, but it seems shows like Discovery or Picard fail to inspire fans. If I were CBS I would seriously reconsider the current direction of the franchise. That neither the Michael Burnham show nor Picard make the list and lose out to franchises like “John Wick” or “Deadpool” is somewhat embarrassing. Again, I am not really sure that “fun factor” and “overall popularity” didn’t greatly influence the poll results, even if NRG put the focus on other factors.

It’s also amazing that the Star Wars movies are nowhere to be found and that instead “The Mandalorian” is on the list. What about the movies? It appears the sequels failed to leave a lasting impression, even though they are still very recent. The other two trilogies are probably too old by now to be the topic of the day. Several MCU franchises made it onto the list, yet more proof that Marvel is a pop culture giant at the moment, but even the assembled might of the Avengers could not beat The Mandalorian. In total roughly 2/3 of all franchises on the list are owned by Disney. So it’s a win-win situation for them.

With polls like these and other things like streaming ratings it can be said that The Mandalorian more and more turns out to be the best thing that happened to Star Wars in quite a while.

Variety, which ran the original article, also features a quote from the NRG CEO Jon Penn:

“Consumers are ready for entertainment franchises to lean into important cultural conversations and create a new reality — one in which optimism, diversity and curiosity unite rather than divide us.”

In times like these we all need some optimism!

So what do you think? Does it surprise you that The Mandalorian is the top rated entertainment franchise and even beats the Avengers? Are your favorites on the list?

Click here to read the full Variety article!


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