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Weekend Fun: The Size Of The HasLab Razor Crest

With the Razor Crest HasLab on its way to funding (ca. 1,100 backers are still needed as I write this) I thought it’s a good idea to visualize just how big the ship will be. How much of a footprint does the TVC Razor Crest have? How will it look on your shelf? And how scale accurate is the TVC Razor Crest? Click through to find out all about you need to know about the size of the HasLab TVC Razor Crest!

Coming to your shelf in 2021

According to the HasLab page the TVC Razor Crest will be 76.2 cm / 30 inches long. To visualize just how big that is I use the ubiquitous IKEA Detolf cabinets. One cabinet is 43 cm/ 16.9 inches wide. So I placed the virtual TVC Razor Crest on virtual Detolf shelves to give you an idea how much of a footprint the Vintage Collection Razor Crest will have.

The TVC Razor Crest on IKEA Detolf cabinets (click to enlarge)

You will need two Detolfs for the TVC Razor Crest. I added the TVC Mandalorian (in scale) to show you how well the figure scales with the vehicle.

How does the HasLab Razor Crest compare to the HasLab Khetanna? The sail barge is a lot bigger, of course!

The Khetanna is really huge

The Razor Crest is roughly 2/3 the size of the Khetanna. So the Razor Crest is more manageable in size than the barge. For reference, the HasLab Razor Crest is only slightly shorter than the TVC Millennium Falcon, which is 78.74 cm / 31 inches long.

But how big would the TVC Razor Crest need to be to be in true 1/18 scale? Or in other words: how much did Hasbro underscale the TVC Razor Crest?

There are no official dimensions for the ship yet. But there are pretty good (fan) estimates that put the Razor Crest at 26.5 meters length (with the cannons), that is roughly 87 feet.

So how big would the TVC Razor Crest need to be to be true 1/18 scale? A lot bigger! Here is a visualization of a scale accurate TVC Razor Crest.

Look at the size of that thing! (click to enlarge)

Now you would need 4 Detolfs. You could balance the Razor Crest on 3 cabinets, but it looks better on 4. Again, I added the TVC Mandalorian figure as reference here.

As it turns out a scale accurate TVC Razor Crest would need to be 1.47 meters long, or 147 centimeters, a little shy of 58 inches. So the HasLab Razor Crest is too small by a factor of almost 2. The scale Hasbro used is 1/35, not 1/18. Of course a scale accurate Razor Crest would be massive.

It’s interesting to note that Hasbro underscaled the Khetanna quite a bit less. A true to scale TVC Khetanna would need to be 1.67 meters / 65.75 inches long, whereas the actual TVC Khetanna is 1.25 meters / 49.35 inches long. The scale for the TVC barge is 1/24.

Here is a comparison between the actual HasLab TVC Razor Crest and a scale accurate version, to show you just how much Hasbro underscaled the vehicle to make it more manageable in size.

HasLab Razor Crest vs scale accurate Razor Crest

In the HasLab version almost the entire front section is the cockpit, whereas the Razor Crest has two full decks with the cockpit on the upper deck.

A 1/24 scale Razor Crest (same scale as the TVC Khetanna) would have been 1.10 meters /43.3 inches long, a little smaller than the Khetanna, but the Razor Crest is much wider than the barge, because of its wings. So I think Hasbro found a sweetspot where you can put several figures in the cockpit and size is still manageable, which also means the price could be lower than for the Khetanna, which was $500, compared to the $350 the Razor Crest is going for.

The Razor Crest in 1/24 scale (same as the Khetanna)

This shows you how large the vehicle would be in 1/24 scale, the same scale as the TVC sail barge. While you could balance the ship on two Detolfs the stern would protude beyond the cabinets.

And just for laughs… a scale accurate Black Series Razor Crest would need to be about 2.20 meters / 86.6 inches long.

And this is how it would look like on your standard Detolf cabinet:

A Black Series Razor Crest would be… big

It’s probably safe to assume that any potential future Black Series HasLab will not be a Razor Crest. I mean, 5 Detolfs are not THAT outrageous, collectors who live in mansions might think about ordering a custom built Razor Crest… (or not). A 1/18 scale or even a 1/24 scale Razor Crest might work though, it would be about as underscaled as the actual TVC version and the 1/24 version would even be smaller than the HasLab Khetanna.

And finally, a graphic that shows you all the possible scales for the Razor Crest in comparison.

Razor Crest scales

Razor Crest in various scales


So… are you happy with the scale of the HasLab TVC Razor Crest? 1/18 scale would have probably been cost prohibitive and size would have greatly limited its appeal to many people probably, since in that scale the Razor Crest would be even bigger than the Khetanna. Even 1/24 scale would have been quite large because of the size of the fuselage and the wings (the sails contribute about 1/3 to the height of the sail barge, whereas the Razor Crest is all fuselage). What do you think? Did Hasbro hit the sweet spot concerning the size with their 1/35 scale Razor Crest or would you have liked a bigger vehicle?

If you want to back the Razor Crest go to Hasbro’s HasLab site, if you are in Europe you can go to Zavvi!


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