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TVC Galaxy's Edge Millennium Falcon: From FOMO To Buyer's Remorse In .5 Past Lightspeed

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How many people cancelled their preorder for the Galaxy’s Edge Millennium Falcon at Target? One JTA reader was able to preorder it during the second wave with a 10% coupon, but after weeks of contemplating, he decided to cancel his order. He’s gone from fear of missing out to buyer’s remorse. (more….)

According to our reader:

1. The biggest reason – it’s too expensive for the value. I feel the product added another $100 or so just because its a Disney exclusive. Obviously Disney is having a hard time so anyway if they it can get their merchandise to other venues they are going to. I did buy the Vintage Slave I when I have the original Amazon exclusive but no way was I paying $150. Megalopolis had a sale which I had an additional 30% off so I was able to jump on it for cheap. Learned my lesson from the Vintage Tank from Rouge One. Purchase one at full price and later saw it drop. I did buy another one for cheap.

2. I already have the original BMF and the Vintage from Toys R Us. The TRU has a better packing and visibility and strikes a cord with me during my childhood. It seems Hasbro is just slapping Vintage on anything now adays to get product out there. It seems they might put this out again as another exclusive except packaged for Original Trilogy and/or the new Trilogy with voices from those movies instead of the Galaxy Edge.

3. Concerned about packing. I purchased a Black Series Tie Fighter from Entertainment Earth which typically ships theirs out in great packing. The item was so big it still was not mint which is asking a lot for such a big item. I finally sold one and it cost $55 just to ship it. I will say with the Barge Hasbro tried its best. But with UPS and FedEx there is no guarantees. Target is okay but they are going to crank this out as soon as they can. Every now and then someone might return one to Target and for some reason the store did not want to send it back they will Clearance and put it on the aisle. Saw forums where someone got a deal on a Lego USC Falcon for $100s off just because of this. Definitely will be that lucky individual that will find one at some store, clearance for 30 or 50 off.

4. I collect way too many lines. Hasbro finally went into full gear and started cranking out the product. For those that only collect certain lines its great. For those that love multiple lines its a nightmare. Black Series, 40th Anniversary, Rebels Black Series, Vintage, Black exclusives, Vintage exclusives is just the touch of Star Wars dropping this year. If you collect Marvel or Transformers the motherload is coming in October and November. Also love the Gundam Robot Spirits line from Bandai but I also get most of the S.H.Figuarts for Star Wars and Marvel. G.I. Joes is just gaining traction so I am afraid of what they are going to do with that line.

So it comes down to I was just curious who out there finally had enough of Hasbro and said no. Its not like I don’t want new product it’s just in this time I now have to be picky. How many of us out there cancelled their preorder at Target?

Your thoughts in the comments, please.

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