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The Black Series Fan Celebration Reveals!

Six action figures were revealed for the Black Series today. Not all of them are new, some are just paint variants (carbonized figures). But TBS will get its first ever Ewok! Click through for all the details!

Black Series Beskar Armor Mandalorian

Black Series Beskar Armor Mandalorian

Various fansites shared the Black Series fan celebration reveals tonight, among them Jedi News, Rebelscum, JediDefender, Star Wars Collector, Fanthatracks, From 4LOM to Zuckuss etc. And The Black Series collectors have several figures to look forward to!

One of the most anticipated figures is probably the Beskar armor Mandalorian! SH Figuarts revealed their version earlier today, Hasbro is not late to the punch this time and revealed their version of the character as well!

Black Series Beskar Armor Mandalorian

Black Series Beskar Armor Mandalorian

The figure looks great! However, compared to the SHF version it’s the typical Black Series standard release, the figure comes with two blasters plus the jetpack and that’s it. It’s certainly everything you absolutely need, but SHF will give you several blast effects for the weapons and suit gadgets, effects for the jetpack and the vibro blade. Another difference is the cape, Hasbro gave the figure a plastic cape, SHF chose soft goods. The plastic cape looks better, because it’s properly sculpted, but the cloth cape will probably be better suited for various action poses.

Here’s a direct comparison of the two figures:

SHF vs Black Series

SHF vs Black Series

Click for larger version! You can see that there are subtle differences, paint apps are not the same. But as you can see the Black Series plastic cape already looks somewhat awkward in that pose. But of course SHF will be much more expensive and the Black Series figure looks stunning as well.

But on to the other new figures!

Next up is Teebo! The very first TBS Ewok!

Black Series Teebo

Black Series Teebo

More Ewoks will hopefully follow soon!

Then there is The Empire Strikes Back Darth Vader. This figure is mostly based on the ANH version with some movie specific tweaks and changes to the costume!

Black Series Empire Strikes Back Darth Vader

Black Series Empire Strikes Back Darth Vader

And then we get the Return of the Jedi version of Admiral Ackbar!

Black Series Admiral Ackbar

Black Series Admiral Ackbar


On top of the new figures there are two carbonized figures!

Carbonized Boba Fett will probably sell like hot cakes!

Black Series Carbonized Boba Fett

Black Series Carbonized Boba Fett

You will buy him for the nth time!

Here’s a photo of the box!

Black Series Carbonized Boba Fett

Black Series Carbonized Boba Fett

And the final reveal is a carbonized Stormtrooper, who is more or less a silver variant of the Stormtrooper and almost looks like the OT version of Captain Phasma!

Black Series Carbonized Stormtrooper

Black Series Carbonized Stormtrooper

And the figure in the box!

Black Series Carbonized Stormtrooper

Black Series Carbonized Stormtrooper

And that’s all for the Black Series! What are your thoughts here? Are you happy about the three all new figures, Beskar Mandalorian, Admiral Ackbar and Teebo? Do you need an ESB Darth Vader? I suppose it makes sense to release him as part of the 40th anniversary ESB event this year. Will you try to get the carbonized figures? Boba Fett may be the one figure that is hardest to get. Leave your thoughts in the comments!



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