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New Black Series Figures Rumored

Fellow collecting website Jedi Insider posted a scoop last night. They have heard rumors about brand new upcoming Black Series figures! Click through for the rumored list of all new figures coming in The Black Series!

Star Wars The Black Series

As mentioned, the following list is taken from Jedi Insider, who ran the story last night. According to their source the following figures are coming in the Black Series:

Wave 1
-Admiral Ackbar (episode 6)
-Darth Vader (episode 5)
-Luke Skywalker (Snowspeeder)
-Stormtrooper (Rogue One)
-Some type of Black Clone Variant
-2 more unknown figures

Wave 2
-Cad Bane
-Clonetrooper (Clone Wars)
-Han Solo (episode 6)
-Hoth rebel trooper
-Leia Organa (episode 6)
-Luke Skywalker (episode 6)
-2 other figures

Wave 3
-the Armorer
-the Mandalorian (Beskar)
-Moff Gideon
-other figures unknown

Fan Channel Exclusives:
-Ahsoka Tano
-Ezra Bridger
-Hera Syndulla
-Kanan Jarrus
-Sabine Wren
-Zeb Orrelios

As you can see the all new figures coming in the 40th anniversary ESB line will also see a regular release in the red box, Hasbro did the same previously for the all new 40th anniversary ANH figures. So that is hardly a surprise. Darth Vader is coming in wave 3 of the 40th anniversary line and he should be the Empire Strikes Back version of course, with the inner tunic below the shoulder armor.

But a true highlight is Cad Bane, a Clone Wars figure many have asked for for years. And fans of The Mandalorian will be happy to see that the Beskar Mandalorian, Moff Gideon and the Armorer are also coming. And I bet if fans ask for Kuill and a Blurrg he will come too, eventually.

Return of the Jedi is another focus, with Admiral Ackbar, Endor Luke & Leia and Han.

The fan channel exclusives are somewhat of a mystery… Could Hasbro rerelease ALL of the Rebels crew (they command very high prices on the aftermarket) with updated photo real paint apps and also release Zeb?

It’s too bad that Hasbro didn’t talk about any of that at Toy Fair, but they apparently plan on revealing these figures throughout the year at the various cons and events. If Hasbro had included all of the recently revealed/rumored TVC and TBS figures they could have rivaled Marvel’s presentation after all. But apparently the two brands have different marketing strategies. Anyway, Star Wars fans don’t need to feel neglected anymore.

Chances are the figures listed here are meant to be released for the holiday season / latter half of 2020.

One thing should be noted: not a single sequel trilogy figure is mentioned, that could mean Hasbro is moving away from the sequels for the time being. However, Crait Luke is still heavily rumored and should come. There are still several unknown figures too, maybe one or the other sequel figure will fill a slot.

So, what do you think about this list? Do you like the line-up? What are you most excited about?

Source: Jedi Insider

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