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8 Ways Hasbro Can Treat The Vintage Collection Collectors Right In 2020

Hasbro, you have treated 6″ collectors very well with the four-decade celebration of 1977’s Star Wars: A New Hope. The collection of vintage Kenner-inspired card backs was an interesting take for The Black Series line, but it worked out well because collectors bought them up. Sadly, you provided 3.75″ super-articulated collectors with a paltry line of 3.75″ Titanium figures that were both terrible and a slap in the face. So, can we ask you to do something special for us for 2020, please? (more….)


Most collectors of The Vintage Collection agree that we are egregiously beyond the comfort level of waiting for you to complete the original 92 figures in the modern line. It’s beyond ridiculous that we still don’t have a complete collection. We also know it’s one of your goals, but it doesn’t seem like an important enough goal for you. Can we ask you to make it a priority?

Also, we’re focusing on figures that are easiest for you to get out to us. We know there is a slew of characters that are all-new and never before offered in the line, but this article is focusing on what you can do with existing parts mostly to give us stuff we want, and not stuff you’re making that we don’t want.

I feel there are eight (8) figures from The Empire Strikes Back (and also from the Kenner The Empire Strikes Back collection which ran from 1980 through 1982) that need to be released in the modern The Vintage Collection line. Some can be straight repacked; some need easy retooling. And some, well, some need all-new tooling. I don’t think it’s inappropriate to ask you to get these figures out sometime in 2020. It will show you are celebrating the 40th anniversary of Episode V appropriately while giving us long-awaited updates.

1. You have a rather fantastic sculpt of Zuckuss from the Legacy Collection. If you can correct the lower soft-goods to create a better drape, or tool a new plastic shell for a new approach for a molded cloak, I’d be happy with either option.

2. I used to believe that the straight repacking of the Legacy Collection AT-AT Driver would be acceptable for The Vintage Collection, but I no longer feel that way anymore. It’s time to design an all-new figure or add a ton of newness to the existing sculpt, to produce a non-removable helmet version of this hugely popular character. Feel free to create a chase version in 1985’s The Power Of The Force packaging since that’s one of the rarest figures in the vintage Kenner line.

3. I still think refreshing 2008’s 30 (77-07) 2-1B will always work to create a proper Episode V version of this adored medical droid. The figure needs new hands and scene-specific accessories.

4. Hasbro needn’t look any further than the FX-7 figure from the Power Of The Jedi line to lightly repaint and pack in The Vintage Collection line. How has Hasbro not done this simple addition to the line yet?

5. With all of the attention that Lando Calrissian is getting with The Rise Of Skywalker, it flabbergasts me how you haven’t designed an all-new Lando Calrissian figure from The Empire Strikes Back yet? While I would prefer a shrunken down version of The Black Series 6″ release, I will also accept the VOTC figure with new ball-jointed arms. Please do this for collectors. This is a beloved character. We need a definitive version of it in our collection. It would be justice.

6. While you’re making a new Lando Calrissian figure, he’ll need his right-hand man, Lobot. The last Lobot figure from 2004 is decent and comes with amazing accessories, but it’s time to get a definitive release in The Vintage Collection packaging.

7. You produced a perfect body for the Cloud City Wing Guard in the 2009 Legacy Collection lineup, but you still, to date, have never made the character pictured on the packaging nor the character who the 1980 action figure was based. Please give us a modern counterpart to either character, and we’ll be happy collectors. All you need to do is tool a new head sculpt. How difficult can that be?

8. The two Ugnaught figures released in 2009 have parts to cobble together the character that was part of the 1981 Kenner line. Take the body and head from the gray Ugnaught, and the apron from the blue outfitted Ugnaught, and we’ll have a modern version of the classic Kenner figure. It’s madness you haven’t done this yet!

Please help collectors of The Vintage Collection line celebrate The Empire Strikes Back 40 years on Earth properly. Stop with the silly multipacks like Cave Of Evil. Help us complete the Collect All 92 first! We’re getting old, Hasbro!

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