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Two New TV Spots For The Rise Of Skywalker!

Two new TV spots for The Rise of Skywalker have been released with all new footage and even new jokes! So click through to watch the clips!

The Rise of Skywalker TV Spot

“It’s ok that we’re here!” – “It’s ok that you’re here!”

Here are the two clips, spliced together on some random YouTube channel, because the official Star Wars channel does not list the latest two TV spots:

In the first spot we see the heroes shouting each other’s names “POE!”… “REY!… “CHEWIE!!!”… “WRAWWWWRRRR!” maybe to remind general viewers again who these characters are? (I am kidding).

Then we get a scene on a Star Destroyer and the three heroes Rey, Poe and Finn encounter two Stormtroopers, but Rey mastered dominate mind in The Force Awakens and simply tells them it’s ok that they’re here.

And Poe will apparently wisecrack his way through the movie by asking a very important question “Does she do that to us?” A very important question indeed, how can you ever tell if a Force user simply made you do something or if you did it because you wanted to? It’s certainly good for Poe then that only the weak minded can be affected by dominate mind.

That scene was actually a good joke, I think. Much better at least than “They fly now”.

In the second spot we get more “They Fly Now?!?!” and we get a brief glimpse of Kylo putting on his helmet, surrounded by the Knights of Ren. But you must not blink or you’ll miss it.

Both spots tell you exactly nothing about the movie itself.

And since we’re talking about the Rise of Skywalker, JJ finished the movie this week! The runtime has been confirmed as a surprisingly short 141 minutes! And according to JJ there were no test screenings (actually there never have been any test screenings for a Star Wars movie before) which puts an end to some of the more outrageous “leaks” on YouTube, these guys should double check their sources again. Unless close family members or friends of JJ contacted them (of course they didn’t), because JJ did show an unfinished version to friends and family.
And John Boyega was actually the actor who forgot his movie script under the hotel bed, which subsequently ended up on eBay, where it was bought by a Lucasfilm employee to avoid a leak of epic proportions. But what are the chances the person who put it up for auction read the script and leaked info nevertheless? Maybe JediPaxis works as a hotel maid in his free time?

How did you like the two new, very short clips?


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