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Hasbro's Galaxy Of Adventures Case Assortments Show To Us They Want The Line To Fail!

Hasbro, I’m excited about the Galaxy Of Adventures line and love the products you’re producing for it, but what are you trying to kill it with the terrible case assortment ratios? I mean, I don’t have a Master’s degree in business or anything, but the case assortments you put together for the first three waves of the line will undoubtedly contribute to its death. Now, I don’t believe you really want the line to fail, but you’re showing otherwise by this retail-killing collector-infuriating case ratios. (more….)

As you can see from the first three case assortments, Hasbro has tied a cinderblock to a rope that is wrapped around the Galaxy of Adventures line and tossed it in the middle of the ocean and is expecting it to keep its head above water. The brand new figures in Wave 2 (Han Solo and C-3PO) will be the chase figures and are released in lower multiples than the repacked figures. There should have only been two cases produced thus far, and the second case shouldn’t have had any carry-forward figures except for maybe Darth Vader and Chewbacca.

So Hasbro, why are you cutting this line off at the knees? (Bold type means straight repack.) Please keep this line GOA (Galaxy Of Adventures) and not DOA (Dead On Arrival). Based on what you put together for the first three waves, we’ll never see any new figures from Wave 4 and beyond.

Wave 1
1x Rey
1x Chewbacca
2x Darth Vader
1x Supreme Leader Kylo Ren
1x Finn
2x Jet Trooper

Wave 2
2x Chewbacca (repacked from Wave 1)
1x Han Solo
1x Darth Vader (repacked from Wave 1)
1x Supreme Leader Kylo Ren (repacked from Wave 1)
1x C-3PO
1x Finn (repacked from Wave 1)
1x Jet Trooper (repacked from Wave 1)

Wave 3
1x Rey (repacked from Wave 1)
1x C-3PO (repacked from Wave 2)
2x Darth Vader (repacked from Wave 1)
1x Supreme Leader Kylo Ren (repacked from Wave 1)
1x Chewbacca (repacked from Wave 1)
2x Jet Trooper (repacked from Wave 1)

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