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Watch The Rise Of Skywalker Trailer Now!

The first proper trailer for The Rise of Skywalker has finally been released! Click on the image below to watch it right now!

Update: screenshots have been added to the article!

Click through for more!

Click image to watch the trailer!

So here are several screenshots from the trailer! With some commentary.

Rey is training on a jungle planet

This is certainly early in the movie.

Rey is searching for something in the Death Star wreck

I believe this is the Death Star II on Endor, and Rey must be searching for someone or something.

Rey is still training on the jungle planet

Back to the beginning of the movie with Rey’s training montage (cue Team America World Police “montage music”)

Rebel Base

This is certainly taken from later in the movie, Lando is on the Rebel Base with all the others, it seems the Rebels are more than 12 people after all!


To appease the Twitter demographic this shot of Rose was inserted at the last second, yes she’s in the movie! So is Charlie from Lost, or is it Merry from Lord of the Rings?

Blockade Runner

This may or may not be the Tantive IV, it’s certainly a blockade runner!

Rey on Death Star II

Rey is waiting for someone and seems to be not too happy about it…

Kylo Ren in the rain

The new wallpaper of Adam Driver fans everywhere!

Ice Asteroid

A new and unique location in Star Wars? This Ice Asteroid certainly looks intriguing!

Game of Thrones

Palpatine apparently had time to upgrade his throne!

Star Destroyer breaking free

A Star Destroyer emerges… could it be that this Star Destroyer was buried inside the icy asteroid?

Whoever spots the kitchen sink wins a prize!

The “more is better” school of thought in perfect execution. Also, please note that the ship to the lower right of the Millennium Falcon looks exactly like the “Ghost” from Rebels. So it may very well be that Hera is still alive.

Heroes united

Ready for action!

Rey and Kylo duel, again…

One would think Kylo had learned his lesson by now, but no, he apparently wants to get beaten again…

Is Babu Frik a Certified Droid Systems Engineer?

Babu Frik is working on C-3PO in what is supposed to be one of the very emotional moments in the movie.

C-3PO says goodbye to his friends

Zorii is still with with gang at this point in time. Also, C-3PO says goodbye to his friends, something bad happening to him in 3, 2, 1….

R2-D2 is in the movie after all!

This is misdirection, this is NOT the same scene and setting as before, this is back on the Rebel Base and R2 is very happy, it may perhaps be related to what happened before when Babu Frik had to do something to C-3PO…

Corridor fight on the Death Star III?

What would Star Wars be without a good fight in a corridor!

Leia is in the movie as well!

What would any Disney Star Wars movie be without some tears…

Lando is also in the movie!!!

Lando is having a good time! Little did he know… etc. 😉

Y-Wing attacking a Star Destroyer

Since Zorii Bliss is included with the Y-Wing LEGO set it may as well be that she is piloting that Y-Wing here! Brave girl!

Romantic meeting in the Death Star II throne room

Reylo fans all over the world are holding their breath already…

Space horses in actual space. Yes this is Star Wars!

Wait? What? How? Whatever… someone certainly said “this will look cool”, and that it does!


Could this be some kind of vision? Why would Rey and a masked Kylo work together here and smash some kind of statue?

I am your father, Rey! ~ Noooooooooooooo, that’s not true, that’s impossible!!!

Rey meets Palpatine in what is certainly the last act of the movie. Make up your own caption if you don’t like mine! 🙂

So, that is it! Please don’t take any of the captions too seriously, I am just having some fun!

One final world… this trailer was heavy on imagery and extremely light on story, or one could say it didn’t have any story bits at all! Interesting!


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