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Toy Run Tuesdays Starts Next Week!

Okay, let’s get this going! I’ve been thinking about running this series for a little while now, but work and school have been kicking my butt lately, so my posts have been a little on the backburner. In any case, with all the saturation of news and leaks and new figure wishlists (and not getting the figures on that list), I wanted to create an opportunity to focus on the fun of collecting. So, to do that, let’s meet weekly to share what we have actually recently collected, or done with our collections. Click through for some general guidelines for Toy Run Tuesdays…

Recently acquired Corellian hound assisting in the capture of one of Moloch’s fugitives.

Feel free to post anything related to your Star Wars collecting. I want to see your mail calls, local comic shop finds, grails you finally got, stuff you find at Walmart (ha, like that’ll happen), custom figures you get or make, trades you participated in, and if you didn’t buy anything let’s see pictures of that shelf you rearranged. And yes, please post from whatever scale you collect. This isn’t a weekly “bash the sixer” column. If you bought a new micro-machine or a new Hot Toys or any scale in between, this is the place to show it off. The only rules are to be respectful, and try not to post the same picture week after week…

Anything related to recent changes in your collection, let’s see it here!

This will serve a threefold purpose as follows:

  1. Bring the community together.
  2. Encourage building your collection
  3. Help readers and Hasbro see what is of interest to the community

To elaborate: the first purpose is to bring the community together. JTA friend Tyler F. posed an interesting survey in a large (30,000 members) collecting group on Facebook, and here is what was found (click to enlarge):

Results involving which line collectors collect.

As you can see, when sampling a large base, fans of Star Wars collecting are fans of Star Wars, and don’t necessarily focus on one line. The polls were conducted in a large group to negate any concern of the group being a “sixer” or “TVC” exclusive group. Often on our niche site and others, we find that the majority of readers collect the same line. That can be good because we can gather to discuss how we feel the line is being handled, but it can cause people who collect other lines to feel a little outcast. Let’s use this weekly article as an opportunity to bring all our collecting friends together, no matter the line they collect.

Second, we want Star Wars collecting to go on and on, and what better way to promote buying more product than telling others how much you like what you get!

Lastly, we want to show Hasbro what the community is physically purchasing. We don’t always get what we want with new figures unfortunately, so I know I have turned to eBay and Facebook Marketplace to buy older figures of characters I want. Hopefully seeing what people actually buy can inspire Hasbro to produce more figures geared toward our current collections. In other words, the proof is in the pudding when it comes to asking Hasbro to produce what we want.

My latest custom 6″ figure I made over the weekend.

Whether we get a lot of participation or a little I plan to keep this column running for the foreseeable future. I hope to see lots of great pictures of your new acquisitions and hopefully get some ideas for new customs!

Also, for the record, it is still Tuesday in Arizona at the time of posting this 😉

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