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TVC Rogue One Stormtrooper: 5 More Reasons to Buy at Least 5 More

The VC140 Rogue One Stormtrooper was my most anticipated figure of the year. Now that I have a few, it is my new favorite. I know some of our readers are on the fence about buying them since they are not “Original Trilogy specific,” but aren’t they? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should buy a few (or a few more). 


1. It looks amazing.

I know, this one is subjective, but let’s be real: it’s the best reason. Do any of the previous releases of stormtroopers since 1977 look anywhere near as good? Decide for yourself and let us know in the comments:

I love seeing all those stormtrooper figures from different eras side-by-side. Talk about a trip down memory lane. Take a look at our Research Droid Review for each of the figures above:

Retro, POTF2, OTC – Vintage, TAC, Saga Legends, TBS [Phase II], TVC VC140

2. It’s “action figure definitive.” 

Did you know each of the original trilogy movies had differences between the stormtrooper armor? We aren’t the 501st who requires that these minute details be exactly correct in order to join the club. I personally don’t find it plausible that Hasbro will get around to making individual sculpts for the tiny differences in armor for each of the OT movies, so ask yourself: “If I were to pick one of the above stormtroopers for my dioramas and playsets, which would it be?” I can’t see any other one than the VC140 Stormtrooper. It is the closest sculpt to any OT stormtrooper yet. In my opinion, it is definitive.

3. To tell Hasbro to continue making these types of excellent figures.

Since the start of TVC 2.0 with Snokey and the Reys, there have been about 30 figures released. Of that 30, only 15 were new sculpts. While I would like to see more new figures, we got what we got. If you are an OT purist, that’s cool, no judgement here, but if you can’t bring yourself to buy an all-new basic stormtrooper that is not a strange new Range Trooper or First Order type design, how far will the line go?

4. Not all OT stormtroopers had holsters.

As pointed out by Disqus user Binary_Son over at Banthaskull’s review of the VC140 Stormtrooper, not all OT stormtroopers had holsters, even in ANH.

5. Even if you’re a “Mint on Card” collector, it wouldn’t hurt to have a few open figures, right?

It might make you wince a little when you tear open the card, but I promise you’ll feel so much better after you do. This is certainly a figure to have one on a mint card, and then several to open. 


As you can tell, I highly recommend this figure. I am up to 5 now, and will continue to buy a few every couple weeks I’m sure. I know people who are buying 50, 75, or even 175. If you’re still on the fence about buying this figure, I hope you take this reasoning into your decision.

Preorder VC140 from Entertainment Earth.

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