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The Vintage Collection News Archives Revisited: Day VC01

Although being happy for and posting articles on The Vintage Collection seemingly triggers some people, as sad as that is we’re going to keep the positive energy and momentum rolling. I was scanning through some old archives and discovered there is some mind-blowingly incredible “old” The Vintage Collection news and topics. To look at the breaking news at the time through eyes that are ten years older now is something that should be a fun and entertaining travel through time, a historical point of view if you will. We feel that these old news stories are worth re-sharing. We’re calling this focus The Vintage Collection Archive Revisited. Today’s topic: Follow up on our exclusive BAT-AT reveal and the plan for waves in The Vintage Collection.


Back in the beginning of 2010, Jedi Temple Archives exclusively broke the news that a BIG AT-AT was coming ilater in the year (affectionately referred to as the BAT-AT) that got us into the worst trouble we ever experienced. We also released a stunning schedule of events that got us into deeper trouble with Hasbro. Because of this news, of course, all the other fan sites wanted to know more.

Check out this Q&A from TNI. Look at the MSRP quoted. Look at the hints of what was to come. This stuff is great. This original news was part of the weekly/bi-weekly/monthly Hasbro Q&A session that they no longer do.


TNI: Hasbro Catalog scans of a new AT-AT toy leaked out online a few weeks ago and since then we have heard rumors this toy will be much larger than the old AT-AT toy. Rumors are saying this toy will be almost 3 ft in size, a larger cockpit, come with A AT-AT driver and come with a speeder bike. Can you confirm these specifications, are there any other specification you can provide such as a price point and are there any images you can provide or will this be revealed at Toy Fair next month?

Hasbro: Well, we can confirm that there is indeed a great new AT-AT coming this fall. Set to hit shelves on 8-1, it will be offered at a $99.99 SRP (same as the AT-TE and Turbo Tank) and will be an all-new version, rethought from top to bottom with great new play features, a lot of room for figures, and a huge number of electronic phrases and sounds. It has been designed with both collectors and kids in mind, and we think that it will wow both audiences. As for size, we don’t know the exact height off-hand, but it is much bigger than the vintage Kenner version when all three dimensions are considered in person. Look for more details, and photos, at Toy Fair. Bring your tape measure!


TNI: While we are on the subject of leaked catalog scans, there was also a scan showing that the Vintage Collection figure will return in 2010 and that for the first time Episode 2 characters will be included. I won’t ask for details since I don’t want to spoil everything for Toy Fair, but what are the odds we will get to see a Empire Strikes Back Bespin Han Solo figure for this line in the coming year?

Hasbro: We can confirm Vintage is back, but with some important consistencies and differences. The card format, following our previous three Vintage series, will remain the same with the Kenner logo on front, narrow blister, identical card punch. Gone will be the $9.99 price and the clamshell, which has been eliminated to help last the collection at a more consumable $7.99 SRP. After the first EpV wave, there will be waves based on both the Prequel Trilogy and OTC. There will be a new EpV Han, but it won’t be Bespin….it’s a cool version that we think fans will love. We’ll have the complete collection in our presentation at Toy Fair. Stay tuned!


Source: TNI News

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