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Jedi: Fallen Order Writer Talks About Upcoming Game And The Last Jedi

Chris Avellone, one of the writers for the upcoming EA Star Wars Game Jedi: Fallen Order and former lead writer for KOTOR II, talked about returning to the Star Wars franchise after a long time and also shared his opinion on The Last Jedi in an interview with website VGC. Click through for the full story!

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In the interview with VGC Chris Avellone reveals that he didn’t like the execution of the story in The Last Jedi. He made a few specific remarks about it:

“I thought that portrayal of Luke Skywalker was very weak. I thought they gave him a scapegoat role that wasn’t merited and didn’t fit with his character, in my opinion.
I like the fact that they were playing around with it, but at the same time I didn’t like the execution and I thought it could have been handled a lot better or differently.”

He added: “I also thought it was a case of comedy goes too far, side characters and massive detour plots were rapidly introduced… I liked what they were trying to do, I just didn’t like how it was executed.”

The article also reveals that Avellone wasn’t actually a fan of Star Wars and didn’t like the franchise when he was originally beginning his work on KOTOR back in the day, but that he quickly rediscovered his love for Star Wars when he watched the movies again. For the new game he had to catch up with Clone Wars and Rebels which he also both learned to like a lot.
Avellone added that he thinks fans will appreciate some of the “unusual” directions Respawn has taken with Fallen Order’s plot.

It will be interesting to see if the game takes a fresh approach and doesn’t just retread well known paths. Avellone’s comments certainly inspire hope that Fallen Order may turn out to be a Star Wars game fans have been wanting for a long time now.

But I would also like to talk a bit about Avellone’s Last Jedi comments which are shared by many of those who didn’t like the movie that much.

John Campea recently revealed on his YouTube channel that an inside source told him the announced three new Star Wars movies will be made by Benioff & Weiss, not by Rian Johnson, and that his project is off the table for the time being (or even outright cancelled). That begs the question if Rian’s project is actually dead for good. Previously, when rumors were spread that Lucasfilm had cancelled Rian Johnson’s trilogy, he was quick to debunk the rumor on Twitter where he confirmed he’s still working on the Star Wars movies. But not so this time. Johnson remains silent about the rumor.

Is it possible that Lucasfilm reevaluated the movie after its release and saw that the story has its flaws and issues? And that this informed their decision to not go ahead with his trilogy (at least until 2028 or so)? The last official statement made by Kathleen Kennedy only recently is that both Johnson and Benioff & Weiss are working on the next 10 years of Star Wars. But in what capacity will Johnson be involved, if at all, if we can believe the rumor reported by John Campea?

Now, EA (or more precisely, Respawn) and Chris Avellone are not affiliated with Lucasfilm he’s not an employee of Disney, but if a professional writer like Avellone has a less than positive opinion of the movie, one has to wonder if some of the creative people at Lucasfilm share his opinion and that this, among other things, informed the decision to go ahead with the Benioff & Weiss project instead of Rian Johnson’s movies?

What do you think? And: are you looking forward to Jedi: Fallen Order?

Read the full article about Chris Avellone on VGC.

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