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10 Reasons Why Your Bad Attitude Stinks About The Retro Collection

The 3.75″ Star Wars collecting community is divided on the Retro Collection. So, I am going to give you a reality check.


1. At the rate Hasbro is going with The Vintage Collection, we’ll never get all of the vintage Kenner card backs for some of the most key action figures in the line. I am specifically thinking about the Jawa on a Star Wars card. Or definitive updates to Luke Skywalker or Princess Leia Organa figures. I am especially concerned about the Imperial Stormtrooper too. At least we have him in the Retro Collection now.

2. These are better than the figures featured in 1995’s The Power Of The Force “2” [Red] Classic Edition 4-Pack. Hasbro carefully replicated the coloring and sculpting of the figures that they didn’t capture on the 1995 releases. These figures are shimmering with beauty.

3. Playing on people’s nostalgia is the smartest and most important ingredient in a modern toy line’s success. Also, this line refreshed the vintage Kenner figures by offering up mint condition and brightly painted modern versions of our yellowing vintage Kenner counterparts,

4. The line offers limitless options while keeping costs down for Hasbro.

5. It does not affect other toy lines. It’s like saying that The Black Series 6” line affects what Hasbro does in The Vintage Collection. Yeah OK, maybe you’re right. It might have some attention/time-eating distractions for The Vintage Collection, but if there is a sub-line we’re happy about, it’s this one unequivocally.

6. It’s the perfect time to introduce this line as we lose more and more of the original Star Wars collectors. Yes, that sounds ironic and perhaps moronic to some. But it’s a more appropriate time than ever to produce things that appeal to the longtime fans that brought the line to where it is today.

7. Vintage Kenner packaging is beautiful and collector-friendly. Heck, remember when Hasbro out their awful Angry Birds figures in an Early Bird Package? I was ready to buy ten of them. (I didn’t.) Yeah, we’re not too crazy about the warn look of the packaging, but anything looks better on a Kenner card back.

8. We have to acknowledge that the Retro Collection is an apology line for the torment they put us through in 2017 with the awful and horrid The Black Series 3.75” Titanium figures based on a New Hope. The Retro Collection forgives that terrible misstep.

9. If Hasbro handles the Retro Collection correctly, the possibilities are limitless. Imagine finally getting the canceled Kenner R1-G4 or Yarna figures. Imagine Vlix. Imagine Boba Fett on a Droids card back. Imagine all of the never-released 1985 The Power Of The Force figures like Princess Leia Organa, Boba Fett, and Greedo finally getting they day in the sun. Hasbro must be diligent with this line and keep the surprises coming, like Grand Moff Tarkin for example.

10. The price point is more than fair. The ReAction figures go for the same price, and Hasbro would be wise to keep the line at this MSRP and not go a penny higher. They’re worth your $10 each.

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