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Ready For A Crazy Episode IX Rumor?

The Episode IX rumor mill is spinning once more… there is a potentially huge rumor for Episode IX that, if true, could either be considered the best thing ever or maybe yet another desperate attempt to undo some of the perceived damage of the previous sequel movies. If you want to know more, just click through! If not… just don’t click! It’s really that simple!

My Little Pony

This image has no connection to the rumor

Update: Now with bar chart!

Ok, now that we are all gathered here’s the rumor:

Han Solo will return in Episode IX

Website We Got This Covered has an article about the rumor. The original rumor originated on Reddit when a user posted a photo of the crew gifts and also mentioned that “Han is back”. The post was deleted (the Star Wars Leaks Reddit deletes posts the mods deem fake), however, shortly thereafter a model/propmaker posted her crew gifts on Instagram, and they happen to be the same ones the Reddit user posted. In other words, it may very well be the original poster is or was indeed involved with the production or knows someone who is and that the “Han is back” comment may have more to it.

It’s probably not true, if you ask me,  but then again, it is known that unused footage from TFA will be used to insert Leia into Episode IX, could it be that we might get some kind of flashback that involves Han Solo and that they are using material for him that ended up on the cutting room floor along with Carrie Fisher’s scenes that didn’t make it into the finished movie?

Anyway, let’s speculate away! Do you think there could be some truth to it? Do you want Han Solo to return at all in Episode IX? And if he returns, what could he actually do? I mean, we never saw his actual dead body… maybe Midichlorians took pity on him and restored him to life, giving him awesome Jedi powers on top of that? And now he’s come back from the dead to spank some sense into Kylo?

Only 11 more months until we know for sure!

Until then here’s a bar chart to illustrate the likelihood of Han Solo returning in Episode IX:

And yes, this post is meant to be fun!

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