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JTA Presents: Evolutions - Momaw Nadon

Welcome to another one our JTA Presents: Evolutions features! Let’s check out how close or far we are from having an ideal Hasbro 3.75″ Momaw Nadon action figure. Have we arrived at definitive status yet? Weigh in and let us know what conclusion you’ll come to by clicking through and adding your two cents in the comments!

Momaw Nadon


Some Star Wars fans thought Momaw Nadon was a scary sight in 1977, but he’s endured as one of the most loved cantina aliens from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. He’s become a part of pop culture phenomenon, and it easily recognizable as of the aliens from Star Wars by people who are fans as well as those who are not. Many learned about his Ithorian species, and Lucasfilm added more of them to the Star Wars lore. The 1979 Star Wars Hammerhead figure might be one of the most popular Star Wars action figures ever produced despite its inaccuracies. And because of that the character has lasted for four decades and is still loved, Momaw Nadon will likely remain a permanent fixture in the Star Wars action figure line for years to come.


Hammerhead from 1979’s Star Wars line.


1979’s Star Wars Hammerhead is one of the most significant action figures ever produced. He gave us all “the stink eye,” and he taught us that not everything we see in the action figure line translates accurately from the film. Kenner gave him a bright teal-blue jumper. He looks more like an alien aerobics instructor than another drunk at Chalmun’s Cantina. But the figure came with an awesome Stormtrooper blaster that fit like a glove in his left hand. For years we thought he was another “bad guy” in the cantina until we learned his species was peaceful and that he was part of the Rebel Alliance (in the beloved EU stories only of course).


Momaw Nadon “Hammerhead” from 1996’s The Power Of The Force “2” [Red] line.


Modern Star Wars collectors had to wait 17 years to get our first post-Kenner Momaw Nadon “Hammerhead” action figure. Late in 1996 Kenner/Hasbro treated us to Momaw Nadon “Hammerhead,” and the figure went over hugely with collectors of the era. His elongated fingers and exquisite detailing wowed collectors in ways they didn’t feel up to that point. The figure wasn’t perfect but shared a faithful likeness to the onscreen character, and we finally had him in an outfit that looked more like what we saw in the film. He came with an extra-large cannon-like weapon which many collectors found ridiculous, but he could hold it effortlessly in his large hands. It was an excellent release for the time.


Momaw Nadon from 2002’s Star Wars “Saga” [Phase I] Cantina Bar Section (2 of 3) set.


2002 saw Hasbro take the 1996 The Power Of The Force “2” [Red] Momaw Nadon “Hammerhead” figure and update it further to be as screen-accurate as possible. They developed an all-new torso (without any layering or extra pieces) which created a more streamlined look for the character. Part of the Walmart exclusive Cantina Bar Section sets, this version of Momaw Nadon also came with a bar section with seats and three drinking glasses. More importantly, Hasbro nailed the deco on this version of the character beautifully. With darker brown skin and a more accurate posture (thanks to the new torso bending his head down a bit more), this version of Momaw Nadon remains a favorite for collectors of 3.75” action figures.


Momaw Nadon (SAGA 031) from 2006’s The Saga Collection line.


2006’s The Saga Collection took Momaw Nadon (SAGA 031) to another whole new level. Easily defined as the consummate version of Momaw Nadon, this “five points of articulation” action figure has such an incredible sculpt and deco that collectors often overlook its minimal articulation. Also, it’s the first version of Momaw Nadon that comes with arguably screen-accurate accessories and an accurate costume, including an unseen staff and clothing including pants and a belt with a pouch and a big gold buckle on it. Hasbro went above and beyond for collectors in The Saga Collection, and they also included a reduced-sized table and drinking glass for Momaw Nadon. While not wholly definitive, it’s the most excellent version of Momaw Nadon on the market today. But the character is starving for super-articulation at this point.


Momaw Nadon Group Shot

Momaw Nadon


Questions for discussion:

1. In your opinion, do we have a definitive version of this figure?

2. If we don’t have a definitive version of this figure, should Hasbro tool a new figure from the ground up again, or should they tweak a current sculpt to perfect it instead?

3. If the figure ranks as definitive for you, do you want to see it repackaged in vintage Kenner packaging (The Vintage Collection) if it isn’t already?

4. Add any other points of note or interest in the comments about any of these versions of Momaw Nadon action figures.

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