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No Death Star Playset For You! (Yet) So How About Something Else?

Hardcore 3.75″ super-articulated fans ultimately stepped up to the plate to prove to Hasbro that we’re here and want more in the way of classic scale goodness. It took what we can refer to as a complex bribe to get it done, however. Hasbro forced us to speak with our wallets. And speak with our wallets we did. Let’s face it. The Khetanna is NOT an “iconic enough” vehicle to produce for the 3.75″ line. Don’t misunderstand my point here. I am THRILLED it is coming, but it was a significant risk (that felt like it wasn’t coming to fruition until the bitter end). And evidenced by the slow performance of reaching the required amount of backers, many of us were sweating bullets.

This leads me to believe that maybe we shouldn’t play “chicken” so much for the next offering. Sure, things like payday cycles and time to save are huge for the working people buying these luxury items. But perhaps something a little more “iconic” might yield faster results. It’s just a thought. Hasbro has already stated from SDCC coverage that a Death Star Playset is NOT the next HasLab project. Maybe Star Wars isn’t the focus of the next HasLab project at all. Who knows? But perhaps when they do return to Star Wars, they should focus on something that can nicely complement The Khetanna and the hoards of Episode VI characters we already have in our collections? I am thinking in terms of a Jabba’s Palace playset.

Sideshow Collectibles has tooled some remarkable environmental pieces for Jabba’s Palace for the one-sixth scale figure line. Many of us wished we would have the same options in the 3.75″ range. It’s never come to pass, unfortunately. The way to do this is modular of course. And with each section produced, Hasbro should include a couple of exclusive background denizens to help us populate it. Give us the firepit and Jawa with a fan. Give us the classic Max Rebo Band once and for all. And give us a place to put Jabba’s dais with varying plaform levels where we can place C-3PO, Boba Fett and Bib Fortuna and other characters as needed. (An all-new Bib Fortuna would be a dream come true by the way, Hasbro.) Oh, and give his dais the capability of moving forward and backward to recreate the scene when it’s time to watch the rancor dine.

Anyway, let us know your thoughts on this idea. And what sections of his palace are essential to building this environment. Let us know!

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