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The Vintage Collection Needs The Rebel Transport ASAP

There. I’ve said it. The Vintage Collection needs a modern update of the vintage Kenner Rebel Transport. I dare you to disagree with me. (more….)

Oft-ignored. Oddly shaped. And unequivocally spacious. These all describe the beautiful vintage Kenner Rebel Transport vehicle from The Empire Strikes Back toy line. The vintage Kenner Rebel Transport is the ONLY remaining vehicle that has not been updated in some way, shape or form in the modern Hasbro line. And just like MTV (well, 80s MTV at least), I want my Rebel Transport now. Do you recall how long it took Hasbro to muster up enough courage to produce the Bespin Cloud Car? Spoiler: it turned out to be one of their greatest vehicle efforts of all time. For years they claimed the vehicle wasn’t iconic enough, and that the volume and aftermarket values for the Twin-Pod Cloud Car didn’t warrant a revisiting. Although horrid distribution issues plagued its release, it was quickly gobbled up by collectors who enjoyed the streamlined body of the vehicle in addition to its magnificent new features.

So, I am asking the same thing for the Rebel Transport. I don’t need a full-scale redo of this vehicle. I would appreciate a larger model most certainly, but Hasbro can keep it as hollow and before to keep tooling costs down and its construction simple. I think an all-new generic and super-articulated Echo Base member would seal the deal. Or if Hasbro felt extra adventurous, they could redo the Power Droid from The Saga Collection line utilizing the beautiful all-new sculpt that they introduced in The Vintage Collection Special Action Figure Set. Or how about an updated R-3PO using The Vintage Collection See-Threepio (C-3PO) figure as they did for 0-0-0.

I want the Rebel Transport not only because I love it and want a modern replacement for every Kenner items released, but also for posterity. Next generations of collectors who grow up to become adults should be reminded that Hasbro felt an original toy of theirs was worthy of an upgrade. As “empty” as this vehicle is, there is no reason they couldn’t set its MSRP at $79.99, or $99.99 with two or three pack-in figures. Hasbro, I ask you to please get this vehicle off of the checklist now. Over 35 years have come and gone since this vehicles’ original release, and it’s time to put an end to the waiting. Make it happen. Thank you.

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