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Top 10 Most Wanted Original Trilogy Black Series Figures

Recently I looked at some of the Disney era characters that need a Black Series figure. Today I want to do the same for the Original Trilogy. It’s not easy making a list of just ten characters, so I cheated a bit here and there. Anyway, click through for my top 10 picks of Original Trilogy characters that need a Black Series figure!

Star Wars Original trilogy cast

And they lived happily ever after


Now, this article is about the Black Series, which does not mean any of the figures I would like to see in the line could not or should not be made for TVC, but this is primarily about the Black Series.

And to reiterate, I only look at Original Trilogy characters here. Another article about the Prequels will follow. But today let’s see what we need the most, in my opinion, from the Original Trilogy that started it all.

My approach was that, ideally, we also get figures that complement other figures we already have in the line, so they make more sense. And this is what I have come up with.




The Black Series needs more droids. And I think 2-1B would be an ideal droid to make. It has speaking lines, it performs an important function in Empire Strikes Back and it has a very interesting design. It was either him or the GNK Power Droid, but I think 2-1B is the better droid here, even though a Gonk would be nice to have too one day.
Bib Fortuna & Salacious Crumb

Bib Fortuna & Salacious Crumb

We have a Black Series Jabba. But hardly anyone else who was in his entourage. I think Bib Fortuna is absolutely needed, Jabba wouldn’t be so alone anymore with him. And since Hasbro is a very nice company that loves its fans they would add Salacious Crumb as an accessory to make him available to everyone not just the few who were lucky or rich enough to get the Jabba SDCC set!


This gentleman is two things: a cantina patron and a cool looking character. With his removable space helmet he could also be one very cool looking action figure! This is true 1970s SciFi and I believe Boshek would be welcome by collectors and fans.
Death Star Droid & Mouse Droid

Death Star Droid & Mouse Droid

The Black Series needs more droids. They are important background characters and add a lot of flair. Sadly, the astromechs are underscaled and are not a highlight. But a Death Star Droid and a Mouse Droid as accessory could be great. Hasbro has shown that they can make a great looking Black Series protocol / assassin droid. The Death Star Droid looks both alien and cool and has that lovely 1970s SciFi flair. The Mouse Droid would be a logical accessory.


We need more alien characters in the Black Series. A Duros would be most welcome. Not only is he one of the cantina patrons, but Hasbro could later re-use some of the sculpt to give us a Clone Wars era Cad Bane.
Dr Evazan & Ponda Baba

Dr Evazan & Ponda Baba

These two friendly chaps are some of the most iconic Star Wars background characters of all time. This warrants a slot as a 2-pack in the Black Series! Also, Black Series Obi-Wan finally gets something other to do but look at the hologram of Leia all day or being killed by Darth Vader.
Luke Skywalker

Luke Skywalker

We have almost all the Original Trilogy Luke costume variants. Absent is Luke in his Endor gear and in his medal ceremony outfit. I think the medal ceremony outfit is the more interesting looking of the two, it’s a very unique look and Luke never wore something similar again. Accessories should be three medals, one for him, Han and one for Chewie.

This would also open the door for medal ceremony Leia later.

Modal Nodes

Bith / Modal Nodes

Bith are yet another iconic Original Trilogy alien race. And the Modal Nodes are well known, maybe not their name, but the cantina song and how they look. Sure, Max Rebo and Band look more interesting, but Hasbro could make one Bith / Modal Node figure and give him various instruments as accessories, so collectors could decide how many Modal Nodes they want. This would be more affordable than a Max Rebo set which needed unique sculpts for all the band members. Or, if Hasbro felt there was a market for it, they could make a Modal Nodes exclusive set with all seven members.
Wedge Antilles

Wedge Antilles

He’s the only X-Wing pilot (other than Luke) who is featured in all three Original Trilogy movies, he even parties with the heroes on Endor! So Wedge is a no-brainer, really. Hasbro could re-use some of the X-Wing Luke sculpt to give us Wedge. He blew up the Death Star II, so he needs a figure.
Wicket & Teebo

Wicket & Teebo

These two furry cannibals are sorely missing from the Black Series. It’s odd we haven’t got a single Ewok yet. Since Hasbro is a very decent company that wants to give fans value for their money they would give us an Ewok 2-pack at the price of one Black Series figure, since these furry friends are so short. There are many Ewoks to choose from, Wicket is a given, I think Teebo would make a great second character for the set!

So, these are my top 10 picks for Original Trilogy characters that need a Black Series figure! Do you agree? Do you feel they would pegwarm and that other figures are needed? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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