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Here on JTA we discuss all things Star Wars, we argue about which action figure line is the best, we criticize Hasbro for repacks and at least some of us love to moan about the sequel trilogy.

But let’s talk about what we love: our Star Wars collection. We discuss action figures all day here on JTA – but we rarely get to see what you actually collect. So I thought it would be a good idea to create the opportunity to show everyone what you collect. (more…)



I will make a start and show you the majority of my Star Wars collection.
First, here’s the main part of my collection:

Detolf cabinets with 6 inch Black Series, SHF, Mafex, Bandai model kits and Sideshow Vader

These are IKEA Detolf cabinets with IKEA LED lights. Unfortunately, IKEA changed color temperature and form factor over the years. The camera exaggerates the effect though and in real life the color temperature is not that different.
What you don’t see is the majority of my SHF collection and Snoke’s throne. The figures are residing on my desk for now until I re-arrange the cabinets.

Next up my rather small collection of 3.75 in figures, both 5 POA and SA.

5 POA, TVC and vintage Kenner figures peacefully side by side

I don’t really collect 3.75 in figures. I started collecting when TVC was already no longer available. I did find a discounted Aurra Sing one day and bought her. To the right you can see my few remaining Kenner figures. I always cherished 2-1B, since I love robots. I only found most of these old figures recently in my father’s home where I had left them all those decades ago. There are in quite good condition. Oh, and for some reason I thought it would look cool if C-3PO had red eyes, so I painted them red. Don’t ask me why!
Also, no, I didn’t buy two Finns because I wanted to. There was a time in Germany when all you could buy online was entire cases. With repacks and all.

And finally I’d like to give you a glimpse into the future.
What would it look like to add the Khetanna to the collection?

This virtual Khetanna is in scale.

I measured the width of the cabinets and then inserted the 3D model of the Khetanna in perfect scale. This is what it would look like atop the cabinets. It fits. But you can also see how large it would be! It barely fits on top of three cabinets.

So, now it’s up to you!
Show your collection! No matter if it’s just your favorite figure, the entirety of your mancave, your exquisite Hot Toys collection safely stored in a vault, Angry Birds Star Wars, Star Wars Command, TVC, 5 POA or Black Series – let us see what you collect!

And do you already have a place for your sail barge? Where would you put it?
Should you wish to own the sail barge, you can pre-order yours here! (If you’re in the US…)

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