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Everyone Agrees: Make The Kenner Figures Without Modern Counterparts

Hasbro, just to provide you with a single example that JTA isn’t the only fan site desperate to see the Original 92 Kenner figures updated in the modern line, please check out our friend Adam Pawlus’ post at Galactic Hunter. He lists the same characters we have been campaigning for a while now. And he’s right. They need to get made stat. We couldn’t agree more with him. Check it out!

Klaatu is a remake, but it’s easy to ignore what a big deal he is. Since the release of The Force Awakens, we’ve received very few new-sculpted 3 3/4-inch figures specifically from the pre-Disney era of Star Wars. Off the top of my head, this would include Obi-Wan Kenobi (2017), Darth Vader (2017), Probe Droid (2017), and the forthcoming Yak Face (2019.) The last completely new Original Trilogy-era character to get a new action figure that comes to mind is 2015’s Mosep Bineed.

Hasbro doing the Sail Barge – even if it doesn’t get fully supported – is a huge step. But let us not forget to remind them that Hasbro (and Kenner from 1995 to the present) still haven’t remade the original 1980s Imperial Digniatary, the mustache Bespin Security Guard, the 1979 Power Droid, the grey Death Squad Commander from 1978, an original 1983 puppet version of Sy Snootles, or more Kennery versions of 1979’s Hammerhead, Greedo, Snaggletooth, and Walrus Man to name a few.

Hasbro’s license for Star Wars (as far as we all know) goes to 2020 – which means that Hasbro may be interested in finishing the “original 92” action figures by 2020. In the coming months we will be banging this drum loudly and I hope you join me in signal boosting in forums or on your fan sites in hopes that Hasbro will deliver what we all came here for way back in 1995 and still don’t have. We also still hope Hasbro continues to make figures for us for years to come, but at this point it seems clear that Hasbro may well have forgotten or deliberately avoided making crucial modern updates to the original 1978-1985 action figure line. (And yes we know there are more than 92, but with the droids and Rebo band it gets complicated in how fans count.)

We would also love to see Vlix, Jord Dusat, Sise Fromm, Tig Fromm, Thall Joben, Kea Moll, Duloks, and anybody else from the cartoons – but let’s get those 92 started Hasbro. Because I know I’ll be bringing it up in conversation at every fan event, and I encourage all of you dear readers to please politely do the same in any interactions that you have with the beloved toymaker’s friendly and patient employees. (Adam Pawlus)

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