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Jedi Temple Archives Presents: 2017 - The Year In Review

Here is Jedi Temple Archives’ 2017 Year in Review! Reflect back with us as we go through all of the breaking news, headlines, and events that made up the 2017 calendar year. At times it was a difficult and even tragic year, but it was also fun and exciting. And hopefully greater things are in store for 2018. (Hey, The Vintage Collection is returning, so it can only go up from here, right?) Thank you for being part of this ride with us. Here is to a great 2018! You can verify all of these stories in our News Archives.


January 2017
JTA’s year-long-old rumor gets proven true: images surface of The Black Series [Phase III] AT-ST + AT-ST Driver leaks out. JTA revealed this was coming December 2015.
More and more retailers finally get in the Rapid Fire Imperial AT-ACT (on discount).
Rogue One wave 3 basic figures begin to arrive at retailers.
HBO airs Debbie Reynolds/Carrie Fisher documentary
Lucasfilm announced Woody Harrelson would join Han Solo standalone film.
Bizarre “Princess Leia (Hoth Outfit)” figures show up on eBay.
Horrifically painted wave 1 The Black Series [Phase III] figures show up at Kmart across the country.
Funko announces vintage Kenner-inspired Vinyl Pop! figures
JTA “teases” that Titanium 3.75″ figures would make a return.
StarWars.com responds to rumors about General Leia Organa’s appearance in Episode IX.
JTA “teases” that Luke Skywalker and the X-34 Landspeeder would be a San Diego Comic Con exclusive in July.
JTA reveals the case assortment contents of The Black Series [Phase III] wave 11.
JTA “teases” that the Force ghost of Obi-Wan Kenobi would be a Walgreens exclusive. Hasbro takes note.
JTA “teases” the final wave of Walmart exclusive 3.75″ figures (the assortment ultimately changes by 50%).
A corrected version of Grand Admiral Thrawn is released fixing his ranking badge.
JTA “teases” that a 6″ Ultimate Trooper boxed set would be released for the 2017 product year.
JTA reminds readers of all of the rumors and teases that were dropped a while back to new information posted by other sites.
JTA “teases” that the Death Squad Commander and Jawa would be coming in vintage Kenner packaging.
JTA “teases” every Titanium Series 3.75″ figure getting released this year.
StarWars.com reveals title to Episode VIII: The Last Jedi.
The Rapid Fire Imperial AT-ACT is found at TARGET for $23.96.
JTA “teases” that an Imperial Guard four-pack would be released as a retailer exclusive.
JTA reveals that imminent change of TBS6 [SW40] Princess Leia Organa is still happening.
JTA reveals Star Wars Celebration exclusive large-format vintage Kenner trading cards.
JTA reveals final Rogue One mixed case assortment has been canceled. The collecting community freaks out.
JTA “teases” Snoke (With Throne Room) is coming in the 6″ line.
JTA reveals Darth Revan solid case assortments are coming.


February 2017
JTA ponders if the 40th anniversary will match the 30th anniversary of Star Wars.
Hasbro reveals a final assortment of Rogue One figures, a month after JTA and other fan sites reveals them.
JTA posts a clue that Jaina Solo (Legends) would be in the third case assortment of 6″ figures after Force Friday III.
Gentle Giant LTD. teases cool exclusives.
John Williams turns 85.
For reasons unknown, io9 reveals 40th anniversary Star Wars exclusives.
JTA freaks out over 3.75″ Titanium Series 40th anniversary figures.
Jedha Revolt loose images begin to surface.
The B-52s turn 40 years old this month.
JTA posts a sarcastic article about The Black Series Poe Dameron helmet. Some in the community unhinge.
JTA posts a more sensitive article on The Black Series Poe Dameron helmet to counteract some of the upset.
Bootleg Attack Of The Clones era figures hit eBay.
The Last Jedi packaging is officially revealed.
Force Friday II is officially revealed.
Sideshow Collectibles announces Jyn Erso Premium Format Figure.
Debate on whether “The Last Jedi” is singular or plural explodes thanks to French title release.
JTA attends NY Toy Fair.
JTA reveals 6″ vintage Kenner figures will be arriving punched.
JTA’s original 6″ Princess Leia Organa head sculpt redo confirmed. Hasbro wants to know how we found out.
JTA posts “2017 Toy Fair: Hasbro Stuff You Probably Haven’t Heard Yet….” and becomes one of our most popular articles of the year.
Hasbro sends out a correction to media: R5-D4 is not an Entertainment Earth exclusive, it’s a GameStop exclusive.


March 2017
After the worst distribution imaginable, ASDA stores began getting latest 3.75″ super-articulated figures.
TARGET exclusive AT-ACT Driver rumored to be coming in April.
GameStop exclusive R5-D4 rumored to arrive in April.
Rebels is renewed for season 4.
JTA posts rumor that Finn would not be part of the first three waves of Force Friday II. Apparently, this rumor was meant to imply his regular gear and not disguised gear.
JTA is a guest on Victoria’s Cantina Cantina Chatter podcast.
Darth Revan solid case packs get delayed.
Paul Harrison is interviewed by AiPT. It makes its rounds across the vast collecting community.
JTA is ranked #24 best toy blog overall, #1 Star Wars fan site.
Return Of The Jedi Special Edition turns 20 years old.
JTA reveals Protocol Droids are coming to Disney Parks’ popular Droid Factory attraction.
Hallmark announces incredible vintage Kenner inspired Celebration exclusives.
Revised 6″ Princess Leia Organa gets packaged in red/black box packaging too.
JTA’s crystal ball reveals some interesting tidbits.
Gentle Giant LTD. reveals Emperor Palpatine Jumbo figure.
JTA posts extremely popular “Missing: 40th Anniversary of Star Wars” article.
Gentle Giant LTD. reveals Lobot Mini Bust.


April 2017
Legacy Pack begins hitting TARGET.
LEGO reveals Detention Block Celebration exclusive.
Billy Dee Williams turns 80.
Anna Chase, a developer of TBS6 figures, is interviewed.
Rare vintage Kenner white-caped Bib Fortuna hits eBay.
The Italian The Black Series subscription arrives in Spain.
The Black Series 6″ Rey’s Speeder (Jakku) is revealed.
JTA teases special announcement coming April 15th.
Disney Parks reveal new Celebration exclusive figures.
TBS6 [SW40] Luke Skywalker (X-wing Pilot) arrives in huge pallets to Star Wars Celebration.
Luke and Landspeeder 6″ set officially revealed by Hasbro.
Hasbro announces Clone Commander Gree.
Disney reveals 3.75″ scaled Jawa Sandcrawler.
The Last Jedi teaser gets released. The JTA community discusses it.
Hasbro announces that The Vintage Collection is coming back Spring 2018. Paul Harrison is mentioned in the presentation. The collecting community is ecstatic. Hasbro receives a standing ovation at presentation.
Hasbro botches 3.75″ Fans’ Choice poll announcement. It is eventually clarified.
Hasbro hosts 3.75″ Fans’ Choice Poll…. and disaster ensues.
JTA presents a sneak peek at all of the new Disney Droid Factory Protocol Droids.
JTA publicly thanks Hasbro for bringing back The Vintage Collection.
Episode IX gets a non-December release date.
The 40th anniversary TBS6 wave 2 figures begin hitting retail.


May 2017
40th anniversary R2-D2 and Han Solo are yanked from Hasbro Toy Shop.
Doctor Aphra wins Fans’ Choice Poll. Most hardcore collectors want to know who she is.
JTA suggests that Hasbro should bring back Comic Packs, a format that makes sense for a character like Doctor Aphra.
JTA provides a sneak peek of the Ponda Baba/Prototype Boba Fett wave of 3.75″ figures.
Hasbro tweaks K-2SO’s photoreceptors.
Amazon lists the long-awaited 6″ Hera wave.
JTA posts an article on the controversial replenishment system at TARGET, thanks to inside information.
Hasbro Toy Shop lists 40th anniversary wave 2. It sells out in moments.
JTA reveals that 40th anniversary Han Solo and R2-D2 case packs would arrive later in the Fall.
JTA posts some insight on the return of The Vintage Collection.
George Lucas turns 73.
Attack Of The Clones turns 15.
The 40th Anniversary Princess Leia Organa becomes a plague at retail.
Victoria’s Cantina scores an unprecedented review with Tonnika Sister Angela Staines.
Hasbro’s first HASCON event tickets go on sale.
JTA teases when the next wave of 6″ figures go up for pre-order.
TIME magazine lists the 40 greatest moments of Star Wars.
A New Hope turns 40 years old.


June 2017
JTA asks the collecting community what TVC repacks they’d like to see.
Steven Sansweet becomes a victim of theft.
Colin Trevorrow is interviewed about filming Episode IX without Carrie Fisher.
JTA posts an article with new TBS6 UPCs revealed.
Fenn Rau becomes the most sought after 3.75″ figures in recent memory.
Amazon updates Hera Syndulla images online.
Early criticism surfaces about Trevorrow’s ability to direct Episode IX.
Hasbro reveals that the TBS6 Jawas’ eyes are glow-in-the-dark.
JTA suggests that new 5POA figures will be coming with more than 5POA.
Street drugs are found in Carrie Fisher’s autopsy.
Han Solo standalone film is rumored to be called “Solo” thanks to crew t-shirts surfacing with the logo.
Han Solo standalone film directors are fired. Ron Howard picks up the slack.
JTA staffer Colin Borden joins the team.
JTA reveals that the 40th anniversary line is completely sold out and that pre-orders will not be filled unless another production run is made.
JTA posts a rumor that Walmart will lose exclusivity to the 3.75″ basic figure line.
Retailers begin canceling their customers’ wave 2 pre-orders.
Rogue One products end up at ROSS.


July 2017
JTA “teases” that a 3.75″ Rathtar is coming.
JTA “teases” that a 3.75″ Probot with Darth Vader is coming.
Sideshow Collectibles brings back the 1:1 Life-Size Bust line back and announces the Stormtrooper. The line had been in hibernation for a long time.
JTA “teases” what wave 1 of The Vintage Collection will look like.
Paul Harrison finds his first 40th anniversary figures at TARGET: THREE STormtroopers.
Disney Star Wars theme park is rumored to be called Galaxy’s Edge.
JTA “teases” that Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi are coming in The Last Jedi 3.75″ line.
Hasbro confirms a 3.75″ Rathtar.
JTA reposts “A Digested Look At The Vintage Collection.”
JTA posts “What You Need To Know About The Vintage Collection.”
Hasbro FINALLY reveals Clone Captain Rex is coming after three years of JTA’s exclusive reveal.
Victoria’s Cantina steps up for JTA and hosts our annual SDCC Q&A.
The New York Posts asks if Star Wars “toy fatigue” is a thing.
Hasbro announces that Clone Captain Rex will have premium packaging.


August 2017
The Last Jedi basic figures leak all over Instagram.
JTA “teases” that multiple versions of the Praetorian Guard would be released in 6″ scale by Hasbro.
JTA “teases” that Princess Leia Organa in her Episode IV outfit would be coming to the Forces Of Destiny line.
JTA polls audience to see what card back collectors want for TVC.
JTA posts our 3000th Review: Disney Parks Protocol Droid Droid Factory 2017 Collection.
JTA links to an Entertainment Weekly article that suggests Episode VIII might be a reboot of Episode V. The Disney zealots unhinge.
KMart put outs Force Friday II product out by mistake.
JTA “teases” that Finn (First Order Disguise) is coming.
TBS6 figures are held back as long as possible to prevent early shelf leaks.
JTA asks its readers to take a survey on the site.
JTA “reveals” that Rose, Han Solo (Bespin), Dengar and 4-LOM are all coming in the 6″ line.
R3-BOO17 arrives at theme parks.
Amazon puts Kylo Ren 6″ figure from The Last Jedi in stock, and many can order him.
JTA “teases” that Mace Windu and Padme Amidala on in development for the 6″ line.
Many publications reveal most of the 6″ exclusives JTA teased were coming.
Kmart list the 6″ First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter for $2.00.
Episode IX gets a new writer.


September 2017
JTA reader wins giant porg from TARGET contest.
HASCON full entertainment program is revealed.
JTA asks its readers to recount their Force Friday II experiences.
JTA provides the collecting community’s first look at The Last Jedi 3.75″ super-articulated Walmart exclusives.
Porg theft gets out of control.
Colin Trevorrow is fired from Episode IX.
JTA hints at more future 6″ figures coming.
The 6″ Qui-Gon Jinn is put out of production.
Toys R Us considers a bankruptcy filing.
TARGET lists long-awaited “Return Of The Jedi” three-pack.
Supreme Leader Snoke, originally planned for the final Walmart exclusive wave, gets confirmed for The Vintage Collection.
JTA attends HASCOn with longtime friends BanthaSkull.com. (What a bunch of losers.)
Lucasfilm announces that JJ Abrams will write and direct Episode IX. (Heaven help the franchise.)
Hasbro severs ties with longtime media outlets because of The Last Jedi breeches, JTA feels the brunt of the anger.
JTA asks 6″ collectors if they’re interested in Jabba’s Palace and Cantina aliens.
JTA “reveals” that the Han Solo standalone film product launch will be called “Wookiee Weekend.” It unhinges a competitor.
Toys R Us confirms it is filing for Chapter 11.
Walgreens exclusive Obi-Wan Kenobi (Force Ghost) hits Walgreens.
JTA reveals The Black Series [Phase III] wave 14 case assortment.
Retailers work together to persuade Hasbro to produce another run of 40th anniversary wave 2.
JTA suggests that Force Link is a reworked vintage Kenner concept.
After “Bubblegate,” JTA suggests that we may have “Meltgate. Some of the HASCON Clone Captain Rex figures’ trays are destroyed by some heat issue possibly.
Adam May, longtime personal friend and frequent visitor of JTA, died. His contributions to the community are priceless.


October 2017
JTA posts a controversial article where an inside contact claims that Hasbro creates case assortments based on what kids buy, not collectors.
JTA provides the collecting community the first sneak peek of the 6″ Jaina Solo (Legends) figure. She’s a gem!
JTA provides the collecting community the first sneak peek of the 6″ Kylo Ren (Throne Room) figure.
JTA is invited to an exclusive Hasbro “roundtable” event to discuss The Vintage Collection amongst many other things.
Hasbro announces that Mighty Muggs are returning.
Hasbro reveals 6″ versions of Lando Calrissian (Skiff Guard), 4-LOM, Dengar, and DJ (Canto Bight). The bounty hunters were exclusively rumored by JTA months beforehand.
JTA distills the “Collect All 92!” figures for Hasbro. Hasbro takes note.
The Last Jedi official trailer #2 is revealed.
JTA polls readers and asks them what Rebels and The Clone Wars figures they want to see made in The Vintage Collection.
Paul Harrison is a featured guest on the Toy Run Action Figure Collecting Podcast.
JTA reaches out to other photographers to be featured in our Visual Guides.
JTA “teases” that Kylo Ren and Rey are the next two figures in the Centerpiece line (if the line continues).
Toys R Us reveals Price Match Promise.
JTA “teases” that Captain Phasma and the First Order Stormtrooper would be carried forward into the next 6″ assortment.
JTA publicly thanks Hasbro for bringing back the Build A Droid sculpt with The Last Jedi R2-D2 figure.
JTA revisits the Star Wars [The Phantom Menace 3D] line. The article gets a fantastic response.
Disney Infinity action figures are revealed.
Hasbro reveals 6″ scaled porgs!
HASCON 2019 confirmed!
This month marks five year Disney acquisition of Lucasfilm.


November 2017
Fantha Tracks launches!
The long-awaited Bistan/Shoretooper Two-Packs set gets released!
Disney announces a new Star Wars trilogy is coming from Rian Johnson.
EA is under firing for gambling like option for new Star Wars game.
The Entertainment Earth exclusive “Order 66” four-pack hits a low $39.99.
JTA publishes the “Return Of The Jedi” Force Link three-pack, one of our most popular new reviews.
The 6″ Landspeeder and Luke set hits $30 on Amazon.
Early Bird “Empty Box” promotion turns 40 years old.
Retailers are STILL trying to give away the 6″ Special Forces TIE Fighter.
Disney Parks release awesome AT-AT popcorn bucket.
JTA proposes that Rose might be one of the most interesting characters in The Last Jedi.
The Rose/Snoke/Jaina wave is found at retail.


December 2017
The Last Jedi is released in theaters.
TBS6 Landspeeder/Luke found for under $18 at TARGET.
JTA’s rumor about the next 6″ case assortment is proven true.
Columbia Sportswear releases an amazing line of Hoth-inspired outerwear.
Supreme Leader Snoke pack-in figures hit eBay. It sells out in moments.
io9 hosts poll and reveals that Jar Jar Binks is more revered than Kylo Ren.
BB-8 2-In-1 Mega Playset drops to $83 on Amazon.
JTA hosts 12 Days Of JTA free gift-giving contest.
Disney buys 20th Century Fox assets.
Sideshow Collectibles announces Kylo Ren Life-Size Bust.
The Last Jedi divides the Star Wars community. It receives the lowest Rotten Tomatoes Audience Scores of all the films.
New Force Link figures are revealed on Amazon.
Mark Hamill creates controversy with his comments about Luke Skywalker’s portrayal in The Last Jedi. He suddenly takes them back.
It becomes public knowledge that Alfie Curtis, Dr. Evazan, died. His date of death is not clear.
JTA asks its readers to rank nine Star Wars films.

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