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Some Key Points From The Hasbro TVC Roundtable Discussion

In a surprising and exciting move, Hasbro decided to interview select media outlets to get their specific thoughts on The Vintage Collection as they plan the line for 2019. (more….)

We have recorded the conversation and will post it as soon as possible. But here are some bullet points from the roundtable discussion. (There wasn’t any time to ask your questions. We’ll have to revisit your questions for Toy Fair.)

• Hasbro wants to keep The Vintage Collection a discussion. Today’s event was only the tip of the iceberg. They want to have more interactions like this in the future too.

• Hasbro asked what characters fans want to see them focus on for The Vintage Collection. I personally brought up “completing the original 92” and rattled off figures like the Lars’ Homestead Power Droid, puppet Sy Snootles, Bespin Security Guard (with mustache), Sim Aloo, etc.I also listed how older sculpts are in desperate need of super-articulated updates including Yak Face, Bib Fortuna and Tessek (Squid Head). Hasbro took lots of notes.

• I expressed that The Vintage Collection appeals(generally) to collectors who are zealous OT fans. Of course someone else on the panel had the complete opposite viewpoint and wants to see The Force Awakens figures in TVC packaging. I clarified my comment by stating that TFA figures in TVC are necessary, but OT characters should be as representative. I gave an anecdotal example that everyone I know is more excited for the Hoth Rebel Trooper repack than any of the new Star Wars Entertainment characters (TFA/RO).

• Hasbro asked us if repacks were as important as all-new sculpts. Arnie from SWAN stated that a good use of TVC is NOT making it a repack line. But we all agreed that there are smart repacks, and then not-so-smart repacks.

• I suggested that the media outlets in attendance would be happy to post articles soliciting feedback for smart repack figure ideas. Hasbro seemed interested in utilizing us for these purposes. We’ll see.

• This is only the beginning. I mentioned that the time was too brief to add anything meaningful to this discussion and encouraged them to allot more time for future sessions. They seemed to agree with that.

• I also suggested that the Bespin Cloud Car and the yet-to-be-released Wampa both deserve TVC packaging. Steve Evans asked me if the Wampa should come on a card or in a box. I said a box. 🙂

• When asked about why so many TFA repacks, Hasbro said something about how they were limited with what could be offered to launch the line. While I was confused with their answer, I forgot to follow up with them. Maybe the recording will explain this better in case I forgot the related points.

That’s about all I remember for the moment. We will try to post the audio to the session soon. Arnie at SWAN recorded it, so hopefully we can link to that when it’s ready.

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