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JTA Public Service Announcement: Cut The Crap

It blows my mind how some of our comment threads can crash and burn, regardless if it’s a heated topic or just a simple announcement that there has been a change of movie director. There is certainly a lot of overreaction to other people’s comments with some flying off of the handle, but there are also triggers that are becoming problematic and affecting the enjoyment of our readers. (more….)

JTA is a place that warmly and fondly welcomes all people regardless of sex, age, gender, political affiliation (conservative AND liberal), moral standing, sexual orientation and religious beliefs. But there are certain people here on BOTH sides of heated issues and from both sides of the political spectrum that are lighting dumpster fires and taking our threads off topic and upsetting a portion of our readership.

We are EXTREMELY busy behind the scenes and are UNABLE to babysit a site that should have readers who are adults and know how to interact with one another. But that’s not happening. Things (aggressively offensive comments) are slipping by us that we would never have allowed to be posted. Our oversight in not dealing with some of those offensive and vile comments should NEVER be interpreted as JTA’s approval of them. It’s just our inability to monitor them that’s causing this issue. So we wanted to make it clear  that we have  never tolerated comments that demean anyone (majority or minority groups), are sexist (insults to both men and women), are divisive or add no critical debate or substance to any topic we discuss here. And we’re going to be more mindful of them for the future.

Heated discussions are wonderful, especially when talking about the Sequel Trilogy against the older films. If it upsets you that someone doesn’t like the Disney Star Wars films, you’re probably going to be an upset reader here. The comment section may not be for you. I get beat up a lot here for things I don’t even say or feel, and I am beginning to wonder if it’s a trickle down affect from the horrid comments getting posted by others.

Comments like this are REPREHENSIBLE and will never be tolerated here:

“They can pack an exclusive Rey with the Easy Bake Oven and print on the package that this toy will teach girls how to cook for their Jedi master.”

“I think Asian babes are hot too but I know it’s way easier to find thinner ones than women from any other race. No reason they had to cast a Margaret Cho lookalike.”

“But I don’t get Forces of Estrogen. Since when do all these Star Wars females operate independently from the males with their own separate storylines? That’s not what they were designed to do.”

“Good thing they didn’t call the 6″ line the White Series or Boyega would’ve told his fans not to buy it.”

“Ah, the good old days, before women shaved it all.”

These are just a fraction of the comments we have been alerted to and I didn’t know about any of them. On behalf of JTA I apologize for who it offended. These are foul.

I hope that me posting these disgusting comments embarrasses the people who wrote them. Comments like these are humorless, ignorant, unacceptable and you should be ashamed of yourselves. Do you have any character or moral compass? Do you have a daughter or wife or girlfriend? You’re a small person.

Likewise, JTA will NOT accept any attacks on conservative viewpoints. Conservative people are not the alt-right, or Nazis or any other white supremacy group. They’re not regressive in their thinking either. There is a LOT of that bull crap happening here too. Getting along works both ways. And you shouldn’t take an immediate attitude once you figure out someone is conservative or liberal. That’s pitiful on you if you do.

So, you’re all on notice. Now that we have to babysit the comments more to catch these disgusting posts, we’re probably going to jump on you if you make them. If you can’t accept that Star Wars is for everyone, then this isn’t the hobby for you. I personally don’t agree with the methods that Disney is employing with their “inclusive” agenda, but that doesn’t mean for an instant that I think it’s not for everyone. It is. The comments above are alienating, disrespectful and disgusting. I will not stand for it for a second. I wish I had known sooner.

Also, if you see something that rubs you the wrong way, try responding, for example, by saying something like “hey, that’s a little sexist isn’t it?” Communication is more than just pointing out people’s failures. We’re all guilty of crossing the line. It doesn’t necessarily make us bad people because we say something that might be taken the wrong way. You can always email me to investigate too, and I will be happy to do that for you.

We want you to be unique and have your own zealous stance on topics and issues, but there are ways to discuss them without offending.

Please do your part in making JTA the best Star Wars fan site on the web. Thank you.

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