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Jedi Temple Archives Reader Survey Digested Results: Question #1

Once again, thank you to everyone who participated in the Jedi Temple Archives Reader Survey. We received some incredible feedback from you! We are now going to look at the analyzed data in each of the 25 questions in the survey. You will be able to see the results of each question, a sampling of other readers’ anonymous direct free form comments and feedback, as well as our interpretation of the data and what we’re going to do to change or improve the topic at hand here at Jedi Temple Archives.We will provide a Summary, an Aim, and a Response to Feedback for every question we asked you. First up!


Summary: Generally speaking, on average, most of you are content with the range of general Star Wars collecting news we provide. With an 82.4% scoring on “I fully agree” and a 16% scoring on “I partially agree” it’s clear that we are mostly meeting our audiences needs in this regard. (We feel that a combined percentage of “fully” and “partially” responses totaling at 80% or higher is a satisfactory level to be. We’re at 98.4% with this area of function. That doesn’t mean we don’t think there isn’t room for improvement.) 1.6% of you selected “I do not agree.” Areas that need improving include more focus on Asian collectibles like SH Figuarts, MaFex, Funko!, Titanium, Micro Machines and other licensees are desired by others. These themes came up many times in the free form comments. You should know that the main reason we don’t appear to cover “other licensees” as much is because of resources (money, time, and energy). Colin, Chuck and myself use every free minute of our free time keeping up on what drives our site traffic already, and it always feels like there is never enough time to post articles on these other items.

Aim: Perhaps we can look into hiring volunteers who are passionate about these other collectibles so we can provide a voice to those that collect them. If you have a passion about these collectibles and are interested in helping us be part of a great team, please email us. We will also try to work with other licensees to obtain samples so we can better represent the other brands. We will work to be more diligent with new announcements on upcoming non-Hasbro focused lines too.

Response to Feedback: Thank you to all who provided free form comments. There are some great ideas, opinions and general suggestions that you provided that we have digested fully. We will also implement some of them going forward as well. Although we received great feedback from both fans and critics of the site, some of your understanding is inaccurate. We posted a 40 comment sampling of the total 166 comments we received on this question below, but we want to address some of what we feel are unfounded or perhaps inaccurate criticisms, respond to constructive criticism or at the very least illuminate our perspective better. See my response in bold text below the comments that I feel need a direct response.


Certainly focuses on Hasbro action figures but I think that is a proportional reflection of the community’s interest.

My go-to site for SW action figure news!!! Simply the best!

Great scoops and reviews and always interesting editorials.

It seems that they miss some of the items that make it to other sites. Not sure if they’ve just decided it is out of their scope or what.
This is simply because of lack of resources and time. We will try to improve this.

Definitely one of the most up to date fan/collector sites around.

Jedi Temple Archives provided great information and news.

I think by concentrating on action figure and action figure related products (including 1/6 scale collectibles) JTA has found their sweet spot and provide great depth of information.

I love most of their action figure coverage. But other areas (Micro Machines, Hot Wheels, etc.) is very lacking. This site has the potential to not only reflect our passion, but in many ways to guide it as well.
We will try to provide better coverage on this.

Paul does a great job and I think that adding Colin into the mix gives us another viewpoint to enjoy. It’s obvious they’re opinions are different about certain things and I think that plays very well.

Site’s focus is on action figures, not Lego, playskool, etc – which is good! Too much noise on other sites.
We still feel there is an important need to spread our wings a little bit more.

Best Star Wars collecting website on the web!

I’d prefer less whining and opinions on the films which has nothing to do with the collecting.
Our goal is to periodically throw in non-toy related articles to break up that monotony. We feel overall the change in pace is nice.

I would like to know more about leaked products before the official release date but your site and others cater to Hasbro in order to receive early figure samples. A website that is critical of Hasbro will ultimately result in a better Hasbro. Not yes men websites.
This is a complete falsehood and we MUST correct this perceived nonsense. We do NOT cater to get free samples. We abide by certain wishes to maintain a good relationship with Hasbro, who frequent our site daily to see what collectors want to see in the Star Wars brand. We want to have access to them to discuss their lines and act as a voice to the community. We don’t agree with their methods on this, it’s quite frustrating actually, but we’re not about to burn bridges. We plan to address all issues surrounding this next time we see them. Also, I don’t think there is another Star Wars fan site more critical of Hasbro than Jedi Temple Archives.

News is good. Commentary is incredibly negative and often makes me not want to look at the site.
Commentary where? We’d like to know more if you could develop this better in an email to us.

Of all the Star Wars collecting sites, I visit JTA first several times a day.

Would like to see more focus outside Hasbro products.

How have you guys not posted an article about the Disney Jawa Sandcrawler for Build A Droid yet? Also, not enough vehicle RDRs.
We did post an article about the Disney Sandcrawler during Star Wars Celebration Orlando. I believe we were one of the first sites to post that as we were in attendance during the presentation. I think you just missed that. There are also nearly 200 RDRs on vehicles (yes, I counted them) in our RDR database. Search “vehicles” in the search bar on our RDR Index page and you’ll find them all.

A lot of time the news feels like its only posted because of personal interest instead of general collectors.
I may be guilty of this, but posting about what I like is driven by my passion for what I like. We will try to branch out a bit more.

JTA rocks while other sites rest on their laurels.

You guys are game changers.

This is a great light hearted site that people end up taking sarcastic and good natured “jabbing” the wrong way.
My good friend Chris at Bantha Skull told me very few people outside of the Northeast even understand sarcasm. Perhaps I need to lighten that up a bit more.

The only time I use another toy news source is when they are referenced by Jedi Temple Archives.

While the audience seems mostly single-minded in their interest, the admins provide news on virtually every facet of the hobby/franchise. Even if we don’t like something personally, the effort is greatly appreciated.
We can do better here for sure.

I think youve lost your edge. You back down to [sic] easy [sic] to Disney and Hasbro. Other sites are scooping you on everything, and you believe that they will actually be having repercussions from the powers that be.
Other sites may appear to be scooping us by listing items because of access to Hasbro order forms which are universally available now, but they’re just not acknowledging that we broke the news months ago in our frequent and discreet rumor reports. Believe what you want to believe. We also have to stop worrying about what our colleagues are doing. I have stopped visiting most other sites and I find I am happier because of this. There will be repercussions. Trust me. There will be.

There is too much editorial commentary to consider JTA any sort of news site.
I think too many people confuse the articles with the comments. There are certainly op-ed pieces here, but when we post news about a trailer, or a n update on a film, I don’t see how that’s not considered news. Or our rumor reports, how is that not news? Or stock updates, how is that not news? I think this opinion is blinded by a dislike of something else instead, perhaps more illusive.

The focus is on 3.75 which is fine, but I could do without the passive aggressiveness toward the 6″ line, 6″ collector’s, and Habro in general.
We are likely guilty of that in the past. But once The Vintage Collection return was announced we also announced that there would be less antagonism towards the line. I feel we have abided by this ever since. Please don’t hold a grudge against us. We’ve moved on, so should everyone else.

Lots of good information but also lots of “the sky is falling” articles that aren’t factually based.
I need an example of that. But if you mean things like Rebels wave 1 being delayed by months, or the discontinuation of The Black Series [Star Wars 40] line, then I can’t apologize. Because all of those “sky are falling” things have completely been proven true.

More deal alerts.
We will try to work with Amazon and other vendors to provide you more deals so we can alert you to them. (Sarcasm.) What more do you expect us to do, LOL?

Mostly whines about not being treated fairly.
Yes, JTA is all about whining about being treated unfairly. I couldn’t agree more. (That is more sarcasm.)

It’s the only place i go to for my collecting news the reviews are spot on.

I feel your coverage is mostly Paul dislikes Hasbro.
I am a proponent of Hasbro. I just want them to keep making the right decisions for the line.

Valuable information is given out each day whether it be new collectables or major star wars news about the franchise itself. Star does not even put half the information out that JTA does.

JTA never had breaking news.
Have you ever read JTA?

JTA does provide good coverage, but if it’s something JTA doesn’t care for it’s presented negatively.
I really don’t agree. But I will try to pay closer attention to this.

Too much focus on movie rumors, negative press, and more things not at ALL related to collecting.
Controversial topics always draws readers and commenters to come here and discuss things. It’s all part of the JTA experience. We want to be able to have complete freedom in what we post, so you will probably see this continue.

For whatever reason they do not report on Imports: Figuarts, Mafex, etc. This is some of the best Star Wars merchandise out there.

Perhaps you could cover Hot Wheels and Lego, I know you don’t care much about them but if you could include list pages at the least that would be useful.

They have the most sources and report the most news.

There is a disdain for the 6-inch collectors and figures but at least you cover them.
This is another misnomer here. There is no disdain for anyone at JTA except trolls, and we deal with trolls one by one. Don’t be a troll and you and your opinions and interests are ALL welcome here.

Coverage on non-Hasbro lines is sporadic (however that is not s problem since I come to JTA specifically for Hasbro coverage).


Feel free to leave any other feedback in our comments below. Thank you.

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