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Could The Last Jedi Be The Last Hurrah For Collectors?

Gosh. I will be upfront with you all and say that my interest in Episode VIII and The Last Jedi toy line (as well as the TLJ and TFA focused figures from The Black Series [Phase III] line) is about a microcosm of what the average Disney Star Wars zealot feels about the new films and how Star Wars is the “best it’s ever been.” I have been hoping for the best, because I need a new starting point for the Sequel Trilogy since I ripped The Force Awakens out of my own personal Star Wars timeline. However, I am getting a little nervous. (more….)

After seeing descriptions and images of new products that have leaked, I am even less interested. How did Star Wars collecting end up like this for me? I had rabid engagement and would go crazy for something like a simple Clone Trooper repaint. But brand new stuff today? It almost does nothing for me. I have known about TLJ-related stuff since January and I had high hopes of being wowed, but I am nowhere near that sentiment yet. This whole Disney product launch protocol is wash, rinse, repeat. Products contain non-descriptive bios in fear of revealing a nonexistent plot. The same characters in the same outfits are made in every last stinking scale and are brought forth in every case assortment which then pile up and clog shelf space. Months go by and the same figures that didn’t sell go on clearance. Are we stuck in a perfect circle of bad marketing?

Reputable collectors are already feeling bad vibes for The Vintage Collection, which should the miracle-working and final “hail Mary” for the Star Wars brand. Have we reached the end of our collecting ropes? Has there been too much irreversible damage done where the toy line can no longer be salvaged? And more importantly, have Hasbro’s longtime collector audience been browbeaten to the point of no longer caring?

So I am curious. What do these new products do for you? Are you excited? Are you underwhelmed too? In many ways, it honestly feels like the product line coming in September is a reboot of The Force Awakens line. How ironic is that?

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