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I have had time to digest Hasbro’s presentation during San Diego Comic Con and I have distilled what concerns me and what elates me. While a 6” Maz Kanata is literally the VERY last thing I would ever want in my Star Wars collection personally, I have to admit that the rest of the presentation was Hasbro’s best in years. It certainly was far from perfection, but it’s a start and I want to be hopeful as I can. That being said, I do have great concerns. Adam Pawlus has already expressed his concern that The Vintage Collection smells like it might be dead on arrival. And in all honesty, part of me has similar reservations. But my hope outweighs the negatives at the moment. In an effort to keep thinking positively, I needed to itemize the pros and cons of what Hasbro has planned thus far. So, let’s talk about what will work and what absolutely won’t work so that we can clean up the negatives. Hasbro, please listen to this advising. We really know what’s best for The Vintage Collection. (more….)



VC116. This news made me extremely happy (thank you for listening). It’s a highlight for me with TVC’s return. I am thrilled that The Vintage Collection is being treated like a line that just went into unjust hibernation, and is the main collector-focused line. I love that older TVC figures that will be reissued will be given their original numbers. My suggestion for the original TVC repacks is to update both the card front AND the card back whenever possible. This will make carded collectors want the variations and it will keep the original line pure. Kenner did this back in the day to update their packaging, but Hasbro can do this today to make the original line…. original.

15 figures in the first year. This is unacceptable. I don’t know why original plans have changed. Are you tiptoeing in this line. Are you worried that it won’t be a success? 15 figures will keep hardcore collectors interested for 15 minutes. At minimum, the first year of TVC should be 30-40 characters. What is the reason for starting with a measly 15 figures? It makes no sense. Get 30 action figures together, send them off to the factories to manufacture and release them altogether, two waves the most so that they all reach retail. Then once the initial batch sells through retail can re-order what they need.

Conversations with the zealous and territorial 3.75″ SA community. We’re thrilled you want to have a conversation with the TVC collecting community. But please heed our advice and make things happen that we’ve been pining for years now. Actions speak louder than words. So if you are going to listen to what we say, take the risk and do it. It’s not enough to say you want a conversation if fruit isn’t born out of that conversation.


First wave blues. The first wave has us worried. Out of all the figures revealed coming, only two are new. That in and of itself isn’t completely terrible, but none of us needed to see Rey, Kylo Ren or any other TFA in TVC packaging right away. This is a collectors’ line. Collectors love the OT. IT should have had at minimum equal representation from the Original trilogy. If this is in the plans for the future, that’s great, but a lackluster first wave like this doesn’t give too much hope that we will see future waves.

High quality vehicles are back. The Hovertank is divine. That was perhaps the biggest surprise of the entire presentation. Would you please continue this trend and finish off some Original trilogy vehicles? One new vehicle isn’t enough to maintain interest. Even if you have to repack some of the stellar older vehicles, please continue to keep the vehicle momentum flowing. The Bespin Cloud Car could certainly use a reissue in glorious TVC packaging. There’s an idea for you.

Will you really make our desires a reality? Please truly rely on fan sites for ideas of which older figures to repack. We have a population of people that are a great representation of what the collecting community wants to see for 3.75” super-articulated action figues. Heck, Jedi Temple Archives will even host a forum here for all collectors of the line to add their two cents. We have been doing this since 1995. Our opinions have merit.

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