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The Modern Garage Sale

Like many of you, I remember scouring garage sales for Star Wars figures that parents were selling for .25 cents or 5 for a buck. It seems like with all the technology at your finger tips, the days of finding that gem cheap is over (or at least more difficult). Well, I had this app on my phone for quite awhile and I mostly used it to sell some old clothes and things, but recently I find out it can be a treasure trove for Star Wars collectors. Click through to find out more.


The application in question is called Mercari (some of you may have heard of it, or even use it). It’s basically Craigslist in an app and on a broader scale. I was absolutely amazed looking through and seeing some of the things for sale and some of the prices things have sold for. Heck, when you sign up you get a $10 off of $15 purchase (which I used to get a sealed TBS6″ Slave Leia for $10 in near mint condition). And the deals are plentiful.

Yes, they’re not all great deals and some people know what they’re selling, but if you take 5 minutes to look through the prices some things have sold for, you’ll see what i’m talking about. In my mind, this is a garage sale that lets me sit on my couch and find great deals. Another example, I waited too long to get a Darth Maul Elite Die-Cast and before I knew it they were gone and super high on the secondary market. Well, I managed to get one on here for $15 and that may seem high considering Die-cast sell for around $5 in store, but since Maul is hard to find I call it a bargain.

This is just something I think might interest a lot of collectors. It’s not something you can expect to always find the newest products for a reasonable price (Wave 2 40th Anniversary figures are around $30), but you can get lucky and find some gems. One seller sold Boba Fett, Han Solo, and Slave leia TBS 6″ for $20 each! (you’ll see those sales if you keep the filter on both for sale and sold). And the amount of classic Kenner figures available are endless. Heck, if you missed some POTF figures the first time around, they’re pretty much all available SEALED for under $5 each.

I thought about sharing this last night after coming across a couple great deals that I personally didn’t need, but I know many people are still looking for them. So, I think it’s a great app to use for that occasional great deal. If you use Invite Code: QGCFWY , you will get an additional $2 credit when you sign up. With that on top of the $10 off bonus for signing up, you could really end up with an amazing deal. Happy hunting and good luck on filling in some missing pieces of your collection.

So what do you think about the app? Even though there are many apps like it, I haven’t found one with as much of a Star Wars collecting presence as this one has. It really seems like the garage sale of the future to me; parents selling collectibles with no knowledge of what they are at times. Have you found anything great on it? Or feel free to share some fond memories of a great score at a garage sale you went to in the past. 

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