Obi-Wan Kenobi (No. 2) - Hasbro - The Clone Wars [blue] (2008)
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The Saga Collection (2006)

Basic Figures & Vehicles

Basic Figures

Wave 1

SAGA 001 Princess Leia (Boushh Disguise)

SAGA 002 Han Solo

SAGA 003 Bib Fortuna

SAGA 004 Barada

SAGA 005 Chewbacca

SAGA 006 Boba Fett

Wave 2

SAGA 007 General Veers (with Armor)

SAGA 008 Major Bren Derlin

SAGA 009 AT-AT Driver

SAGA 010 R2-D2

SAGA 011 Snowtrooper

SAGA 012 General Rieekan

SAGA 013 Darth Vader (Details)

SAGA 014 Power Droid

Wave 3

SAGA 015 Sora Bulq

SAGA 016 Sun Fac

SAGA 017 C-3PO (with Battle Droid Head)

SAGA 018 Poggle the Lesser

SAGA 019 Yoda

SAGA 020 Jango Fett

SAGA 021 Scorch (Republic Commando)

SAGA 026 Clone Trooper

Wave 4

SAGA 022 Firespeeder Pilot

SAGA 023 Lushros Dofine

SAGA 024 Clone Commander Cody

SAGA 025 Anakin Skywalker

SAGA 027 Holographic Ki-Adi-Mundi

SAGA 028 Obi-Wan Kenobi

SAGA 029 Foul Moudama

SAGA 030 General Grievous

Wave 5

SAGA 031 Momaw Nadon

SAGA 032 R5-D4

SAGA 033 Hem Dazon

SAGA 034 Garindan

SAGA 035 Han Solo

SAGA 036 Luke Skywalker

SAGA 037 Sandtrooper

SAGA 038 Darth Vader

Wave 6

SAGA 039 Chief Chirpa

SAGA 040 Moff Jerjerrod

SAGA 041 Death Star Gunner

SAGA 042 C-3PO with Ewok Throne

SAGA 043 Emperor Palpatine

Wave 7

SAGA 044 Luke Skywalker (Details)

SAGA 045 Darth Vader

SAGA 046 Rebel Trooper

SAGA 046 Rebel Trooper [Gunner]

SAGA 047 Obi-Wan Kenobi

SAGA 048 Holographic Darth Maul

SAGA 049 Rep Been

SAGA 050 Naboo Soldier

SAGA 051 Dud Bolt & Mars Guo

SAGA 052 Gragra

Wave 8

SAGA 053 Sith Training Darth Maul

SAGA 054 Chewbacca with Electronic C-3PO

SAGA 055 Kit Fisto

SAGA 056 Holographic Clone Commander Cody

SAGA 057 Clone Trooper (442nd Siege Battalion)

SAGA 058 R5-J2

SAGA 059 Clone Trooper (Fifth Fleet Security)

SAGA 060 Clone Trooper Sergeant

SAGA 061 Super Battle Droid

SAGA 062 Battle Droids

Wave 9

SAGA 063 Holographic Obi-Wan Kenobi

SAGA 064 Commander Appo

SAGA 065 Elite Corps Clone Trooper

SAGA 066 R4-K5 (Darth Vader's Astromech Droid)

SAGA 067 Padmé Amidala

SAGA 068 Combat Engineer Clone Trooper

SAGA 069 Yarael Poof

Wave 10 (WalMart Exclusives)

SAGA 070 Aurra Sing

SAGA 071 Kitik Keed'kak

SAGA 072 Nabrun Leids& Kabe

SAGA 073 Labria

SAGA 074 R4-M6 (Mace Windu's Astromech Droid)


Hologram Pack-ins

Blue Holograms – Villains (Wave 1-4)

Boba Fett

Count Dooku

Darth Maul

Darth Sidious

Darth Vader


Blue Holograms – Heroes (Wave 1-4)

Han Solo

Luke Skywalker

Obi-Wan Kenobi

Queen Amidala

Rebel Trooper


Red Holograms – Villains (Wave 5-10)

Boba Fett

Count Dooku

Darth Maul

Darth Sidious

Darth Vader


Red Holograms – Heroes (Wave 5-10)

Han Solo

Luke Skywalker

Obi-Wan Kenobi

Queen Amidala

Rebel Trooper



Vintage Style

Wave 1 (2006)

Biker Scout


Han Solo (Trench Coat)

Luke Skywalker (X-Wing Pilot)

Sand People

Wave 2 (2007)

Bossk (Bounty Hunter)

Han Solo (Hoth Outfit)

IG-88 (Bounty Hunter)

Luke Skywalker (Bespin Fatigues)

Princess Leia (Combat Poncho)

Stormtrooper (Hoth Battle Gear)


Ultimate Galactic Hunt Figures

002 Han Solo

006 Boba Fett

009 AT-AT Driver

011 Snowtrooper

013 Darth Vader

021 Scorch

024 Commander Cody

025 Anakin Skywalker

028 Obi-Wan Kenobi

030 General Grievous

Hologram Pack-ins (Villains – "Pewter")

Boba Fett

Count Dooku

Darth Maul

Darth Sidious

Darth Vader


Hologram Pack-ins (Heroes – "Pewter")

Han Solo

Luke Skywalker

Obi-Wan Kenobi

Queen Amidala

Rebel Trooper


Exclusives/Special Editions

501st Stormtrooper (SDCC)

Card Images

Demise of General Grievous (Target)

Card Images

Early Bird Certificate Package (Walmart) Click here for our Research Droids Review

Early Bird Figures (Walmart) Click here for our Research Droids Review

Luke Skywalker

Princess Leia


R2-D2 (Artoo-Detoo)

George Lucas Stormtrooper (Mail-Away)

George Lucas Mailaway Redemption Info

Lucas Collector's Set (SWS)

Zett Jukassa

Baron Papanoida

Terr Taneel

Chi Eekway

Shadow Stormtrooper (SWS)

Card Images


Epidode III Heroes & Villains Collection

1 of 12 Darth Vader

2 of 12 Anakin Skywalker

3 of 12 Yoda

4 of 12 Commander Bacara

5 of 12 Clone Trooper

6 of 12 Clone Pilot

7 of 12 Chewbacca

8 of 12 Obi-Wan Kenobi

9 of 12 General Grievous

10 of 12 Mace Windu

11 of 12 R2-D2

12 of 12 Destroyer Droid


Epidode III Greatest Battles Collection

1 of 14 501st Legion Trooper

2 of 14 AT-TE Tank Gunner

3 of 14 C-3PO

4 of 14 Count Dooku

5 of 14 Royal Guard - Blue

6 of 14 Padmé

7 of 14 R4-G9

8 of 14 Kit Fisto

9 of 14 Wookiee Warrior

10 of 14 R2-D2

11 of 14 Shock Trooper

12 of 14 Obi-Wan Kenobi

13 of 14 Emperor Palpatine

14 of 14 Clone Commander (Green)

14 of 14 Clone Commander (Red)



AT-AT - Endor (TRU)

With AT-AT Driver & Biker Scout

Darth Vader's TIE Advanced x1 Starfighter

Additional Views

Imperial Shuttle (Target)

With Darth Vader & Royal Guard

Kit Fisto's Jedi Starfighter (Target)

Attack Mode

Luke Skywalker's X-Wing

Swamp Muck 1

Swamp Muck 2

Clean Views 1

Clean Views 2

Luke Skywalker


Mace Windu's Jedi Starfighter (Target)

Sides, Wing Detail

Front, Back, Overview

Republic Gunship (TRU)

Side, Rear, Details

Top, Bottom, Details

Rogue Two Snowspeeder (Target)

Additional Views

Zev Senesca

TIE Fighter (Toys R Us) Click here for our Research Droids Review

ROTS Repacks

Anakin Skywalker's Jedi Starfighter

Sides, Wing Detail

Front, Back, Overview

Droid Tri-Fighter

Additional Details

General Grievous' Wheelbike

Driving Mode

General Grievous

Obi-Wan Kenobi's Jedi Starfighter

Sides, Wing Detail

Front, Back, Overview





Basic Transformers

Anakin Skywalker / Jedi Starfighter

Boba Fett / Slave I

Clone Trooper / ARC-170

Clone Trooper / ARC-170 (Clone Wars Deco)

Darth Maul / Sith Infiltrator

Darth Vader / TIE Advanced

Darth Vader / Sith Starfighter

Emperor Palpatine / Imperial Shuttle

General Grievous / Wheelbike

Jango Fett / Slave I

Luke Skywalker / X-Wing

Obi-Wan Kenobi / Jedi Starfighter


Deluxe Transformers

Chewbacca & Han Solo / Millennium Falcon

Miscellaneous items

Mr. Potato Heads

Artoo-Potatoo with Princess Tater

Darth Tater Container (Volume Discount) – All 3 Taters

Tomy Remote Control Droids

Remote Control R2-Q5  (3¾ scale – Tomy)

Remote Control R4-P17 (3¾ scale – Tomy)


Electronic R2-D2 (New Packaging)

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