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The VC140 Rogue One Stormtrooper was my most anticipated figure of the year. Now that I have a few, it is my new favorite. I know some of our readers are on the fence about buying them since they are not “Original Trilogy specific,” but aren’t they? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should buy a few (or a few more). 

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What Accessories Do We Need for TVC?

For some time, I have been rather disappointed with the lack of accessories that come with the 3.75″ premium lines. For example, Luke (Jedi Master) had a cloak if you count that as an accessory and nothing else, Walmart exclusive Lando was missing his blaster, the Praetorian Guard with only 1 head/weapon, etc. It seems that the days of extra accessories are gone, so what can be done? My personal favorite accessory set is the Endor Victory Accessory set. It came with the best trench coat ever. If Hasbro were to reintroduce accessory sets, what accessories would you like to see? Let us know in the comments!

Cancelled Rebel Base Accessory Set.

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Walmart The Vintage Collection TIE Fighter for $1!!

Wow, what a find…. Thanks to Chris from Arizona for sending this report. Some people have all the luck! As of now, most stores near me are still showing $19. Who knows if they’ll go down before they sell out at that price?

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Walmart Exclusive Mimban Stormtrooper In-Stock!

Walmart is not fooling around today with their exclusives. The Mimban Stormtrooper (TVC) is in stock now!

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The Vintage Collection Darth Vader Photo-Real Confirmed!

This once European, and now US online, exclusive (?) is starting to show up overseas (Hong Kong). Our friends over at JediBusiness have posted some photos from Facebook detailing the wonderfully printed faces of these figures. One thing we weren’t sure about was whether Darth Vader received the photoreal treatment, but wonder no more! Find the answer here.

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A lucky fellow by the name of Josh B. shared via instagram last night that their local Target stocked the pegs with the new Han Stormtrooper. The figure is supposed to have a street date of May 12th, so what witchery was used to purchase this, we can only guess. The face printing for Han looks quite wonderful, and notice the silver painted end-cap on the E-11 blaster (that very well may be a new/retooled mold). This figure was found in Orange County, CA.

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Walmart Backordering TVC Mimban Stormtrooper

Uh-oh… You may want to check your email if you ordered the Mimban Stormtrooper that was available yesterday. Thankfully mine already shipped, but some people aren’t getting so lucky. Thanks to Mike H. for sharing this image with us.

“We’ll do better next time.” No, you probably won’t!


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Who’s that? Vickie Stratford was the Design Director for Star Wars from 2009-2011 (um, the golden years!). If you have any reserve about that time period for Star Wars action figures, just take a look at the Shadow of the Dark Side lines, and the early Vintage Collection Series.  With TVC in full force and The Clone Wars returning for it’s final season, she would be a magnificent fit to run the brand today.

She worked alongside Derryl DePriest and the two appeared together at the celebrated 2010 Toy Fair. From what we’ve seen, we’ve logically concluded that she might be returning to the Star Wars team to replace Steve Evans as the new Director Of Product Design “for one of the most wonderful brands in the galaxy!” Let us know what you think in the comments!

Ms. Stratford when she appeared at a 2007 BotCon during her tenure over the Transformers Brand. Picture from tfwiki.

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Star Wars Fan Awards 2018 Voting Open has opened up audience choice voting in categories of long video, short video, photography, and visual art. One of our frequent readers/commenters Matthew C. has a photo in the final voting stages, which must be quite exciting! I’ve had that specific photo on my work desktop background for some time, so I appreciate that it is getting some official recognition. Be sure to check out some of the remarkable entries here, and cast your vote today! Click through for more action figure photo submissions in the finals. Full Story

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Good Deal on the Vintage Collection Imperial Assault Tank

More specifics by clicking through, but essentially… Do this on

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HasbroPulse Questions Answered!

In our worry over the fire going out on 3.75″ collecting Paul discussed earlier, there is a spark that will light the fire that may inspire you once again. It definitely gives me some hope for upcoming figures to come!! Click through for the full video… Full Story

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Nerf Tobias Beckett Blaster... And Something Else?

I found this image floating on Facebook. It was sourced from another group entirely so as of yet I don’t have the original source for this image. As a big fan of the Star Wars Nerf line (not added to ships…) I think this is a great set. If you look a little closer you may find something else of interest to TVC collectors. A little more to the left… a little more…

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I've Been Thinking About Battle Packs

To be honest, Battle Packs were hit or miss. Ones like the Mandalorian Warrior pack (please send more Mandos) were much more popular than ones like the Battle of Geonosis. Would a few battle packs of articulated figures be a bad thing? At least with these characters, I think a couple battle packs might do us some good. More…

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Where Are All the Droids?

3.75″ Figures are making a comeback, but where are the droids? Just from the recent Solo trailers, there are a ton of droids that are completely worthy of a figure. Click through for more images.

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