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There is yet another new promo trailer for Solo. It’s not available on the official Star Wars YouTube Channel. Check it out and then click through for a list of what each character in the movie stands for – as revealed in the latest spot!

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One More TV Spot For Solo: A Star Wars Story

First there was nothing, but ever since the marketing engine for Solo started rolling, it’s been steaming ahead at full speed. There’s yet another new TV spot for the upcoming Solo movie. It’s short, features mostly snippets we’ve already seen but one new great gag at the end. Click through for a few screenshots!

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New Teaser for Solo: A Star Wars Story

A plethora of new trailers have been aired in the last few days. Here is another one with some neat new shots. I’m really liking the aesthetic of this movie. Click through for the trailer.

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Star Wars Deutschland (Germany) posted a new trailer on their official YouTube channel which is not available in English (yet). Now, this is in German of course, all movies get dubbed here. So most of you probably won’t understanbd a word that is said. However, several brand new lines spoken by Dryden Vos are revealed in the trailer. Click through for screencaps and translations of Dryden Vos’ lines!

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Yet Another New TV Spot For Solo!

Lucasfilm keeps them coming, here’s yet another TV spot for Solo: A Star Wars Story! This trailer is even shorther than the other ones but reveals two or three new things! Watch the trailer and then click through for some screencaps from the trailer which reveal some new details!

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Check Out This Brand New Second TV Spot For Solo!

The Solo marketing engine is running at full speed! Lucasfilm has released the second new TV trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story in mere days! Check it out and see what’s new in the trailer!

Update: Screenshots from the trailer added! Click through for more!

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Disney released a brand new TV trailer for the upcoming Solo: A Star Wars Story movie. It’s only 45 seconds long but includes a few new scenes and new dialogue. We get to see how Han learns about Chewie’s name! Also, Chewie is proving to be a scene stealer! But watch for yourself and tell us what you think!

Update: Screenshots posted. Also: Slave 1 sighting in the trailer? Click through and tell me if I’m seeing things!

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New Japanese Teaser For Solo

There’s a new Japanese teaser for Solo! There aren’t that many new scenes, but see for yourself! (more)

UPDATE: The trailer seems to have geo issues and is no longer available. Make sure to click through to check out the new Japanese teaser poster.

UPDATE 2: Some audio takes for the new trailer are different. Some of the lines by Alden Ehrenreich have been redubbed and bring it closer to how Harrison Ford’s Solo might have sounded like.

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