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The State Of The US Toy Industry

Availability of action figures at brick and mortar retail stores has been a topic of debate lately. But what is the state of the US toy industry and US toy retailers in 2018, after the demise of Toys R Us? Click through for more details!

Empty Toy Shelves

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The Entertainer stores in the UK are receiving the subscription service The Black Series figures now. But JTA reader MBraze alerts us that all is not well with this. Click through for more.

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Star Wars Toys Performed Well After All!

There seems to be some confusion about the performance of Star Wars toys in the 2nd quarter of 2018. In Hasbro’s very own earnings presentation for the 2nd quarter of 2018 only Beyblade and Marvel were mentioned as showing growth for Hasbro’s Partner Brands, which was more than offset by the other Partner Brands. But a transcript of the earnings call following the presentation reveals that things are not as bleak and actually quite positive when it comes to Star Wars. Click through for more details about Star Wars retail performance!

Brian Goldner

Brian Goldner, Hasbro CEO

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Black Series Archive Line Is Coming In 2018!

Hasbro revealed at their SDCC panel that they will introduce a new 6 inch figure line. A greatest hits line called “The Black Series Archive”. Hasbro will release 4-8 figures each year, they will select highly sought after figures for this line. All figures will come on blister cards and all human figures will be updated with the photo real technology. The first four figures, coming later in 2018, are Boba Fett, Bossk, IG-88 and X-Wing Luke with photo real paint apps!

Black Series Archive

Black Series Archive. Source: Star Wars The Black Series Instagram Page

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I’ve been thinking lately if people really have no interest in Disney Star Wars or Sequel Trilogy Star Wars action figures. But I think that, no matter what you think of the movies, there are most certainly some action figures that many or even most collectors would like to have. So I came up with a list of top 10 Disney Star Wars figures I would like to see in the Black Series. Click through for the list!

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Joke Of The Day

We all need a good hearty laugh sometimes, right?

General VeersThis is what Black Series exclusives mean to people not living in the USA. It’s a laugh.

*that is $59


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The Vintage Collection - A Comprehensive Overview

JTA presented a detailed breakdown of the 6 in Black Series a few days ago. Now it’s time to look at The Vintage Collection. The line was only resurrected a few weeks ago, time to look at the line as a whole. How many figures are there? How many exclusives? How does TVC compare with the Black Series? Click through to find out everything you want to know about TVC!

TVC Logo

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The Black Series - A Comprehensive Overview

The Hasbro Black Series is fast approaching its fifth anniversary. The line was launched in 2013 and the latest wave of figures for the Solo movie is in stores at the moment. I thought this was a good time now to look at the Black Series as a whole. This comprehensive overview will give you all the details you ever wanted to know. How many figures? How many heroes and villains? Click through for a detailed look at the Black Series!

Star Wars The Black Series

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There are some great deals being found still at Walmarts around the US. Click through to find out more!

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Hasbro Solo: A Star Wars Story Official PRESS IMAGES Released!

As you know, Hasbro has dropped news today via other media outlets. Litzky PR has sent us PRESS IMAGES of what was revealed. Check out the gallery on our Facebook page! Click through for details on newly revealed items!

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New Solo: A Star Wars Story TBS6 Figures Revealed!

New Hasbro The Black Series 6″ figures have been revealed by io9! Check it out!

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Yoda Is Cool!

We think Yoda is cool! Hasbro showed us some great love for this classic character in the 5POA Star Wars [The Last Jedi] line. But it has been quite a while since we have seen him released in The Black Series 6″ scale. That original figure wasn’t so great if you recall. It had a terrible paint job and came with a lightsaber! And he was too tall! What the heck? We think it is time to see Yoda again for The Black Series 6″ line. This is especially true now since he made a cameo in The Last Jedi. And if they can’t give us an all-new sculpt, at least we have “photo realistic” technology in place to fix the deco issues of the past! It seems the time to do this is now! Can we get an “Amen!”?

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Love Vintage? Love Boba Fett? Then you will love this! Check out the amazing custom The Black Series 6-Inch Boba Fett repainted with his Kenner Vintage counterpart’s paint scheme. Created by Instagram user, you can commission one of these from him if it’s a must-have for you. Just connect with him through his Instagram account. You’ll just have to be patient though, he’s backlogged through the New Year. Photo Credit: Toy Galaxy


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It may be more than just a coincidence that we’re seeing “rumors” about a conscious move away from 5POA as well as the return of The Vintage Collection. It seems like a last ditch effort to revitalize the Star Wars toy line. (more….)

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Watch For The Black Series 6 Inch Price Drops On Amazon

Some great Prime deals are already popping up, and it’s not even 9PM yet (the official start of Amazon’s Prime Day). Check out some of the low prices for The Black Series figures already. K-2SO ($11.81), Director Krennic ($8.95), and Imperial Death Trooper ($14.82). And, the Tusken Raider has dropped a bit below its normal retail price to $19.99. Click here to browse through all of the TBS6 figures, and keep checking back for more price drops!

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We have posted about this before, but just like many “just seen” inside jokes with close friends, this never gets old. So it’s worth looking at them time and again. Check out these terrible The Black Series (all scales) knockoff figures on eBay.

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