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3.75" SA Snowtrooper Commander Hits eBay: New Weapon?

eBay seller tunghori has added The Black Series [Phase I] Snowtrooper Commander. But what appears odd to me is his weapon. Is that a new gun? It is different than the one that came with the figure a couple of years ago. Could his mean that (A) tunghori goofed or (B) this figure is coming in The Vintage Collection with a new blaster rifle? Special thanks to Greg G. and Scott M. for the alerts!

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As per HasLab’s Exclusive Update #1, Hasbro added additional areas to the rails on Jabba’s Sail Barge to accept the existing cannon that came with both 2009’s LC Nikto Gunner [Nysad] (BD23) and 2013’s TBS [P1] Vizam (#17) figures, something JTA specifcially asked about at Toy Fair this year. As expected, the figures are selling out on the aftermarket so collectors can secure these accessories now. There are still a few on eBay (and Amazon), so you might want to see if you can secure one too. Some of the eBay aucions are completely untouchable, but you can find some loose sample for a great deal. It’s always possible that Hasbro can reissue either figure in The Vintage Collection, but why take the risk??


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The Black Series - A Comprehensive Overview

The Hasbro Black Series is fast approaching its fifth anniversary. The line was launched in 2013 and the latest wave of figures for the Solo movie is in stores at the moment. I thought this was a good time now to look at the Black Series as a whole. This comprehensive overview will give you all the details you ever wanted to know. How many figures? How many heroes and villains? Click through for a detailed look at the Black Series!

Star Wars The Black Series

Full Story

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Hey! The Black Series [Phase I] Stormtrooper #09 figure is IN STOCK at Amazon for $22.99 Prime. Special thanks to friend Steve U. for the alert!

UPDATE: TBS6 [P2] Prototype Boba Fett $27.50  and  TBS6 [P2] Clone Trooper Captain $29.90

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If we ever get Jabba’s Sail Barge (The Khetanna), there will undoubtedly be people who will need skiff guards to populate it. Infamous eBay seller tunghori has some tremendous Jabba-focused aliens and other related figures in stock. Choose from the rare red bandana Kithaba, Vizam, and BAR2-D2. Special thanks to JTA reader and friend Martin M. for the alert!

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This is cool! Instagram user gorkoracing has images of unproduced super-articulated 3.75″ action figures. There apparently was supposed to be an Echo Base set produced including a revised Rebel Trooper and an all-new Probe Droid. He also lists that a new Death Star Gunner was part of the set, but I am certain he is mistaken. If you recall, JTA broke the news of the Death Star Gunner coming as part of the now-canceled The Black Series [Phase I] line as a basic figure for which we have insider information. (That Death Star Gunner basic figure release apparently never came to pass.) Hopefully, Hasbro gets all of this beautiful glory released in the relaunched The Vintage Collection! Special thanks to friend Victoria from Victoria’s Cantina for the alert!


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A cursory look at eBay auctions for the original run of The Vintage Collection figures AS WELL AS The Black Series 3.75″ figures show that there is incredible demand for past figures. In this post, let Hasbro know what figures you want to see re-released in the return of The Vintage Collection this Spring. See the madness HERE for TVC and HERE for TBS.

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Now This Is How Online Ordering Should Be!

About a month ago, I was doing some late night googling and searching for some deals on TVC and Black Series figures. Paul might remember some of the sketchy looking sites I emailed him in the past to get his opinion on lol. But, after tons of sketchy and straight fraudulent looking sites, I had discovered a couple of gems and there is one that I feel particularly deserves some praise. So, click through to find out a little more about this toy shop and my experience. 

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Where Does Kmart Get Those Wonderful Toys?

Look what JTA reader Joe Y. found under a pile of “crap” at a south Jersey Kmart. You never know what you might find out there folks, especially Kmart!


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The "Real" TBS6 [P1] Darth Maul Is Back In Stock On Amazon

More “real” Darth Maul figures are available on Amazon from Toy Vendor UK in case you’re interested. These are 100% legitimate TBS [P1] Darth Maul figures.


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TBS6 [P1] Darth Maul Price Drop On Amazon

Awhile back, both Paul and I took the gamble after seeing all the reviews and images of this Darth Maul from seller Toy Vendor – UK and it paid off. Both of us were happy to find out it is real and in great condition. Well, the seller dropped the price back down to $37.50 with free shipping. So if you still want a legitimate Darth Maul to go with your new 6″ Qui-Gon, now is the time to jump! Only a few left.

UPDATE: Looks like we all bought him out! lol, There was 8 available when I posted, but Toy Vendor – UK is sold out now. I don’t have ANY verification on any other sellers so buy at your own risk.

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UPDATE: 50+ TBS6 Figure Lot SOLD!

Holy crud! Do you remember this auction? It actually sold for $1000! Check out the proof HERE.

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Make Your Best Offer For 50+ TBS6 Loose Figures!

Do you want an instant collection of The Black Series 6″ figures? Check out this eBay auction and be sure to make your best offer. Over 50 TBS6 figures await you!

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Darth Maul: This Time I Know It's For Real

For any concerned readers out there, the Darth Maul figures available on Amazon from Toy Vendor UK are 100% legitimate TBS [P1] Darth Maul figures. I received mine over the weekend and I can guarantee these aren’t bootleg figures. I had to get one to be sure. Plus, the stickers were simple to remove. They only have six (6) left as of this post if you’re interested.

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Real Or Not Real, That Is The Question!

I have seen my fair share of Darth Maul bootlegs (as I’m sure you all have), but this seller’s seems to be legit. The real question is: Is it or isn’t it? Find out after the jump.

Full Story

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