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The Rapid Fire AT-ACT Walker On Clearance!

I felt like this one deserved its own post. The huge AT-ACT Walker is on clearance at Target for only $101! That’s right, $101 right now! I can live with that price (not to mention free shipping).

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Step Right Up And Get Your Star Wars CLEARANCE Here

Once again, you couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried. JTA Facebook friend Michael B. sends us a shot of an upcoming TARGET reset. Do you see anything out of balance here? Is the unsold Star Wars toy volume so high that TARGET needs to devote this much retail real estate to sale merchandise? TVC fans: you’re going to have to step up to the plate next year and affirm to retail that we mean business.

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Denied Buying An Old Figure!

What’s grosser than gross? How about walking in to TARGET and finding the only case assortment of TBS6 figures this TARGET ever received and then being denied to buy the one and only figure you want from the case assortment because the DPCI for that figure is discontinued. Madness! Click through for more!

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Convention Exclusive Bodhi Pop! At!

The convention exclusive Bodhi Pop! is available to order on! special thanks to JTA reader Duane K. for the alert!

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Found! JTA Facebook reader Mike K. sends us proof that his local California TARGET has put out the Forces Of Destiny figures. Interesting!

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TARGET: Marking Down TBS6 [SW40] Figures As Low As $3.98!

It’s hard to believe: so many collector have yet to see ANY 40th anniversary figures on the shelves while others are finding them for less than $4 a piece. It might be time to stalk your local TARGET. JTA reader Marcel E. found the 40th anniversary Princess Leia Organa for a mere $3.98. Insanity!

Full Story

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The Good, The Bad, And The Unacceptable at Target

A couple things to discuss about Target today. In Targets, in what seems like all over the country, they are clearancing out a TON of Star Wars items. I know my Target in Milltown, NJ has begun putting almost everything on clearance except for a few notable items such as the TBS Rogue One 3-pack and the Rhino Tank Driver.  We also received some images from readers on discounted items which you can view below. Which the good comes the bad.  Check out the shipping horror story that Jason experienced after the jump

Update: More shipping damages! See below.

Full Story

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All of The Black Series [Star Wars 40] figures are IN STOCK at They have a few other “40th anniversary” items as well. Special thanks to JTA reader RBlock5183 for the updated alert!

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The Black Series [Star Wars 40] Death Squad Commander and Jawa are IN STOCK at They have a few other “40th anniversary” items as well. Special thanks to JTA reader Chase H. for the alert!

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Oh my heck! It’s another Festivus miracle! Aside from TARGET exclusives, my local TARGET has received NOTHING NEW since Rogue Friday last September (they even still have more than a half dozen The Force Awakens 5POA figures). But this past Saturday I was stunned to find a broken up case assortment that included three (3) beat-up Stormtroopers, Chewbacca, two (2) Jawas and one (1) Death Squad Commander. The figures were shoved against their will into a tiny peg space not meant for these figures, but hey, I can no longer say I have never seen 40th anniversary figures in the wild. Shocking!

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Hurry! Target Has Some TBS6 [SW40] Wave 2 In Stock Now!

Quick, quick! You can get Jawa, Threepio, and Death Squad Commander right now on Target! Thanks to Hunter & Guillermo for the alert!

UPDATE: DSC still in stock as of July 8th 11:20 AM

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More Legacy Pack Clearance News

As I was picking up some comics, I decided to swing by the Target and see what was happening there. Alas, no 40th figures and barely any clearance items honestly (although there was a TON of 5POA TFA figures still full price on the shelves), but what I did see was one Vader Legacy pack sitting there with a clearance of $27.99. Now, I was going to wait on this since I’ve seen them lower from other reports, but for some reason I decided to scan it and lo and behold it was down to $19.98. I recommend checking your Target because they may just not have updated the stickers. 


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You’ve surely seen the store reports from TARGET now, but what you’re probably not being told is that many stores are only receiving partial/split/broken up cases. You think there might be limited availability of these or something, huh? JTA reader Brandon Y. shares his own local five (5) TARGET store stops and couldn’t compete a case between them. Let us know what you’re finding in the wild….

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Need A TBS6 [SW40] Death Squad Commander?

Well, Target has the 40th Anniversary Death Squad Commander in stock online RIGHT NOW! If you need one, I suggest you grab it now!

UPDATE: Well, that went quick!

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JTA Reader Christian C. brings to our attention that his local Target has dropped the price of The 40th Anniversary Darth Vader Legacy Pack down to $19.99! That is closer to what they really needed to price this figure at to begin with. I believe $24.99 or at the MOST $29.99 would have been more reasonable, but $39.99 was extremely high. Even for a figure that is of an extremely amazing quality such as this Darth Vader is. Heck, I will most definitely be buying up a few more at this price! Have you seen this in your area yet?

UPDATE: This specific Target is located in Texas.

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That Toy Is Our Last Hope

No…There is another… possible shipment on the way to your store. Even though we have been careful to point this out in our previous articles, there still seems to be some confusion and I told you so’s, so I will clear this up as best as I can. Hasbro HAS shipped the last of their TBS6 [40] Wave 2. That means those shipments will be going to retailers and distribution centers where they will be sent to stores, not that Wave 2 has suddenly disappeared off the Earth and seeing them on shelves is a conspiracy. So, you may be seeing them in stores until the distribution centers run dry. If you still need them, it might be time to start checking stores. JTA Reader Richard sends us an image of Wave 2 Pallets on their way to Target. Keep an eye out!

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Target Vader In TIE Pop! In Stock!

If you’re a Pop! collector (or even if you’re not) you definitely want to add this Darth Vader In His Tie to your collection. I haven’t been able to find it in stores yet and I really love the way they did this Pop! with the top of the Death Star as the base. Thanks to JTA Reader Eric for the heads up!

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Here’s a blast from the past! JTA reader Ben S. directs our attention to a 2012 exclusive that barely made a splash at retail when it was originally released. But here it is NOW on This is the 104th Battalion Ultimate Gift Set. You can see our own review on these figures HERE. I remember this showing up on a couple of years ago for about $50, but the price has been adjusted back to its normal MSRP of $29.99. A cursory eBay search will prove to you that these sets average about $75 on the aftermarket and some of the clones in this set go for $30 each loose. If you never got this set, this might be your last chance to grab it for a decent price!

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A Jedi Walked Into A Target...

….and saw himself on sale for less than 5 bucks! I’m not good at telling jokes, so thankfully this isn’t one. How would you like to pay under $5 for some great The Black Series 6″ figures? Well, JTA reader JediRebel77 shares with us quite a find at a local Target store. Even though we all love to find a deal, Target REALLY needs to make some changes to the way they handle inventory for Star Wars figures. Click through to see what kind of deals we’re seeing.

Full Story

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