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After some fantastic The Black Series [Phase III] 6″ reveals at San Diego Comic Con this year, fans of the line are dying to know what’s next from Hasbro. JTA has “accidentally” come across some invaluable information that collectors should probably prepare themselves for with regards to the 6″ line. Rose (from The Last Jedi), 4-LOM and Dengar (bounty hunters from The Empire Strikes Back) and Han Solo (in his famous Bespin outfit) are likely candidates for the line. As you heard in our SDCC interview with Hasbro, they already have a list in mind of what characters would be part of a 40th anniversary lineup of Episode V if they “were” to do that. Three more Episode V figures only makes that dream more likely, right? As with any rumor that is unofficial, take this scoop with a grain of salt until confirmed by Hasbro. Stay tuned for more “rumors” coming soon!


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Is it our destiny that Hasbro will branch out beyond female characters in the Forces Of Destiny line? With characters like Chewbacca making an unforgettable and entertaining appearance in the series, it seems probable that Hasbro would add these types of characters into the line as well wouldn’t you say?

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We heard a rumor! You know there is a Finn in The Black Series [Phase III] 6″ line for Force Friday II (or shortly thereafter) right? You should probably expect a version of Finn in some First Order disguise and not in the common/standard outfit with open jacket. We’ve also learned that Poe Dameron should be in some captain’s gear too. But we should all wait to be sure when Force Friday II arrives!

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Remember this rumor report? (Click HERE to see it.) We didn’t know what the Praetorian Guards looked like back in January, but now we do.) confirms this rumor report and others that JTA broke with an update to what expect for The Black Series 3.75″ line.They also confirm another very old rumor report of ours where we told you there would be one final TBS [P3] 3.75″ wave of figures THAT WOULD BE general release items and not exclusive to Walmart. Also, there have been lineup changes as alluded to recently. It appears the Rogue One female pilot might be saved for The Vintage Collection, and it appears most Snoke products have been pulled for secrecy reasons and won’t be available on Force Friday (a total guess/assumption). You should remain confident that Snoke is still in development for all scales.

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A First Look At Some Brand-New, Never Before Seen Figures!

Today we bring you a first look at some brand new The Black Series 6″ figures thanks to a friend who was able to find them in the Target system. Come take a look at some other never before seen figures after the jump! Special thanks to JTA reader and friend Brandon!

UPDATE: Images have been removed.

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What Is This, "Prae" Tell?

Collectors of an enlarged scale of action figures are probably going to start seeing red. Literally. Imagine a matrix of myopic proportions making its way to your collection exclusively. The question is, will you be able to tell them apart?


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Looking Into The Future Of The Vintage Collection

Wouldn’t it “be” interesting to see into the future of The Vintage Collection? We are going to use our heads and come up with some things we “expect” to see. Click through for more.

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There are a lot of mixed emotions when it comes to The Vintage Collection’s return. It’s been five years of H-E-double hockey sticks for longtime and hardcore 3.75” super-articulated collectors. Hasbro has listened to feedback from whiners like me and it is paying off hugely. The paradigm has shifted and we will once again see super-articulated action figures in glorious vintage Kenner inspired packaging. It feels like a dream, doesn’t it? Between being bombarded with adult collector complaints about TVC’s absence and Hasbro’s good stock market performance, the “stars have aligned” to make this all happen once again for us. If we’re patient, 2018 can be the greatest year since The Vintage Collection’s original run. However, many collectors are distressed by what was revealed thus far. Many are questioning why the line is beginning so many repacks. Believe it or not, it’s all for our benefit (my interpretation but I will explain). (more….)

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Remember this “rumor” report? (Click HERE to see it.) This is what we were alluding to in that post. The previously exclusive Walmart The Black Series [Phase III] 3.75″ figures can now be ordered by mainstream retailers. Diamond Distribution is now soliciting orders for Admiral Ackbar, Ahsoka Tano, Emperor’s Royal Guard, Lando Calrissian and Imperial Death Trooper and Jyn Erso for an August 31st availability date. Not available to order: Scarif Stormtrooper (SMH). Also note nothing is listed from the Ponda Baba wave either. Walmart has lost exclusivity to this line and it’s now a mainstream item. “Rumor” also has it that there will be one more wave of boxed figures on or around Force Friday II, but you never know if Hasbro will save them for The Vintage Collection instead. We’ll have to wait and see! Most importantly, take note of the MSRP. It’s a pretty “good” indicator of what to expect next year for another very important collection.

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Are You A Good Hasbro, Or A Bad Hasbro?

I have had time to digest Hasbro’s presentation during San Diego Comic Con and I have distilled what concerns me and what elates me. While a 6” Maz Kanata is literally the VERY last thing I would ever want in my Star Wars collection personally, I have to admit that the rest of the presentation was Hasbro’s best in years. It certainly was far from perfection, but it’s a start and I want to be hopeful as I can. That being said, I do have great concerns. Adam Pawlus has already expressed his concern that The Vintage Collection smells like it might be dead on arrival. And in all honesty, part of me has similar reservations. But my hope outweighs the negatives at the moment. In an effort to keep thinking positively, I needed to itemize the pros and cons of what Hasbro has planned thus far. So, let’s talk about what will work and what absolutely won’t work so that we can clean up the negatives. Hasbro, please listen to this advising. We really know what’s best for The Vintage Collection. (more….)


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Another JTA Rumor Confirmed Today!

Yes! Another rumor report of ours has been confirmed! Do you remember this rumor report from 2014? Today during the Hasbro presentation at SDCC, Joe Ninivaggi joked about how long it took them to work in Captain Rex into The Black Series 6″ line. He even admitted to the three-year long delay in getting this figure out! Captain Rex looks beautiful! This is great news indeed! Hey, if it took them three years from our rumor report of The Vintage Collection returning for it to happen, we’ll also let three years of waiting for Captain Rex to become a reality too!

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It may be more than just a coincidence that we’re seeing “rumors” about a conscious move away from 5POA as well as the return of The Vintage Collection. It seems like a last ditch effort to revitalize the Star Wars toy line. (more….)

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We’re all over the moon about the possibilities with the return of The Vintage Collection. But we want to know how you’d react if the line opens up with a wave of straight The Force Awakens repacks (plus or minus an all-new figure). It seems many collectors are anxious about this and with the difficulty of the Walmart exclusive SA 3.75″ line making an impact at the brick and mortar level, you’d have to wonder if there are plans to get these figures out again but in the way they were always intended. Would it sour TVC’s re-arrival for you? Would you be ecstatic? Would you wonder what the heck is going on with Hasbro? Will you feel that new Star Wars Entertainment might kill the spirit and intent of this coveted line? Let us know your thoughts. (Special thanks to Sebastian E. at Blizzard Force Customs for loaning us these images of his custom TVC-inspired TFA figures. His Facebook page can be found HERE.)


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An Intentional Move Away From 5POA?

It’s probably a good bet that collectors of the 3.75″ The Last Jedi line will see Hasbro double their efforts when it comes to articulation in the line. (more….)

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