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Nothing So See Here Move On, Move On...

I originally reported that the short interview with Tom Kane had been cut from the official recording of the livestream on the Star Wars YouTube channel. Several people commented that the clip is missing, I checked the recording by scrubbing through it two or three times and didn’t find it. But apparently it’s still there. Maybe I was just blind and didn’t see it. Anyway, you can find the clip around the 6 hour 36 minute mark. Nothing was deleted. Apologies for the confusion! 🙂

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Galaxy Of Adventures Rewrites Star Wars History

Today I would like to talk about the latest Galaxy Of Adventures short that features Leia. So far, the shorts used audio snippets from the original trilogy movies and more or less faithfully recreated the scenes from the movie using animation. For the latest Leia episode Lucasfilm did something different though, and I feel we should discuss it and what it means for both official canon and the overall franchise going forward. Click through for more details!

Star Wars: Truth vs Fiction

Find the mistake in this photo collage! (Click for the much larger version so you see what’s happening in better detail)

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Kiri Hart Is Now Working For A Brand New TV Incubator

JTA reported on Kiri Hart’s sudden absence from the Lucasfilm website a short while ago. Now it’s been confirmed that Kiri Hart is no longer with Lucasfilm and will merely be a consultant to them going forward, whereas her main job will be to work for a brand new company, Rideback TV Incubator, that aims at helping experienced TV drama writers with diverse backgrounds to come up with successful TV show pitches. Kiri Hart will act as the creative advisor, helping the writers polish their potential series. Read the full story on the Variety website!

Kiri Hart

Kiri Hart

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With the perplexing case assortments and character selection of Hasbro Star Wars toys, fans have surmised that perhaps Lucasfilm is more involved in the process than expected. How many of us wondered why a case assortment contains the characters it does, or why other characters get released in every scale and format possible. But now a three-year-old video of Kathleen Kennedy speaking at the “The Most Powerful Women” event for Fortune has resurfaced and interestingly reveals what many have speculated. It is an interesting and illuminating video. And from where we stand it seems to have had an impact on merchandising of the new Disney Star Wars films. Let’s take a closer look at what Ms. Kennedy said.

Black Series Star Wars figures

The faces of the Disney Star Wars franchise

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Lucasfilm’s SVP of Development, Kiri Hart, profile is no longer listed on Lucasfilm’s leadership page. She also (as of this posting) is not listed on the company’s leadership team page. This development could mean a couple of things. Does it mean nothing? Does it mean that she’s been promoted to another role at Lucasfilm and they’re updating her page? Or does it mean she parted ways with the company? Time will tell to see what’s happening here. Special thanks to JTA reader Craig P. for the alert!

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The Long-term Future Of Star Wars And Collecting

Lately I’ve been thinking about the future of Star Wars, both as a whole and more particular as something that makes people buy action figures. The ultimate question is: will Star Wars either fade away, become less significant once the people who grew up with the original and prequel trilogy move on, or will Star Wars find new love and enthusiasm in a new generation, despite a much more competitive environment than we had 20 or 40 years ago? Click through for some musings and for which I hope will launch a fruitful discussion about the future of Star Wars!

Kids play with Star Wars toys

Mythological kids playing with mythological Star Wars toys

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BREAKING NEWS! Kathleen Kennedy’s contract with Lucasfilm has been extended for three (3) more years! The Hollywood Reporter has the exclusive full story!

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The Cost Of Hasbro’s Star Wars License

Whenever you want to make a Star Wars toy, you need to have a license. This should be pretty common knowledge. Lucasfilm and Disney protect their intellectual property and whoever wants to make anything based on Star Wars needs a licensing agreement. Now, these agreements are usually secret, other than some very basic facts, no specific details are released, so it’s usually very difficult to know how much money is involved.
While digging through the internet I was able to find a (somewhat redacted) licensing agreement between Hasbro and Lucasfilm from October 1997, an agreement that was extended several times in the meantime until 2020. And while redacted, it is still very informative, so informative that I think anyone should click through now to read all the details and to finally find out how much Hasbro is paying for that Star Wars license! You may be very surprised. Also, a very interesting question will be answered: who actually owns anything Hasbro makes? So, click through for everything you need to know about Hasbro’s Star Wars license!

Mickey Mouse and Rich Pennybags

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Yahoo Finance Asks If Star Wars Is Imploding

Until now most media outlets put a more or less positive spin on the recent developments in the Star Wars Universe and at Lucasfilm. It was mostly the alternative media, and here especially several YouTube channels, that heavily criticized Lucasfilm for Solo’s failure at the box office and for making a – according to them – divisive movie with The Last Jedi. But now Yahoo Finance posted an article that asks the ultimate question: whether or not the Star Wars Universe is imploding. Click through for more details!

Captain Canady

Captain Canady sees his world exploding

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For fans of the series it may be hard to believe, but Star Wars: The Clone Wars will celebrate its 10th anniversary this year. Lucasfilm announced earlier this morning that the Emmy Award winning series and its 10th anniversary will be the focus of a panel at San Diego Comic Con. Click through to read the official press release from Lucasfilm and learn everything you need to know about this exciting announcement!

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Star Wars Fans And Their Relationship To Lucasfilm

Ever since last December something is amiss in the Star Wars Galaxy. And I don’t talk about the movie(s) here, I talk about how Lucasfilm or people who work for them communicate with their fans. Or, as many have noted, with their customers actually. Or are we? There seems to be some dispute about what exactly the relationship is between Lucasfilm and the people who buy tickets for one of their movies. On the weekend a writer for the official Star Wars website offered her point of view on Twitter. And according to her Star Wars fans are not customers of Lucasfilm after all? Click through to read more!


You’re not my customers!

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BREAKING NEWS: Star Wars Stand Alone Movies On Hold!

Collider reports that Lucasfilm has put all future stand alone Star Wars movies on hold (which basically means they have been canceled for now). An Obi-Wan movie was in active development, but the people who worked on the movie are no longer involved.
According to Collider Lucasfilm will put all their efforts into Episode IX and after that we’ll get the new trilogy, but apparently no more Star Wars stand alone movies for now.

What do you think about all that? Solo is a huge flop, unfortunately, but was it wise to put all the other stand alone movies on hold?  Is this the beginning of the end? Thanks to all the people who reported this development!

UPDATE: Now ABC News has an article on their website. Lucasfilm reached out to ABC News and told them that the Collider information is inaccurate, that there are still multiple Star Wars movies in development which haven’t been announced yet. So is there hope for an Obi-Wan movie after all? Why can’t Lucasfilm just make an official announcement on the official Star Wars channel or website and tell fans what to expect.



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The Pillars Of The Star Wars Franchise

Star Wars has been a global phenomenon since 1977. Millions of fans enjoy the movies and play with the toys. But how does Star Wars actually make money? Movies? Toys? And it’s also time to take a closer look at the fandom, as there are several distinct groups of fans, and each group has different needs and wishes. How does all that align with what Lucasfilm, Hasbro and EA have on offer? The ultimate puprose of this article is to start a discussion about just that: what do we all want? Click through for details!

Star Wars A New Hope

A New Hope

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ILM Is Looking For Female VFX Experts

General Manager of Lucasfilm and President of ILM, Lynwen Brennan, recently gave an interview to Wales Online. And she had a few things to say about ILM, specifically that they want more girls! Click through for more details!

Lynwen Brennan

Lynwen Brennan, President of ILM

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The final episodes of Star Wars Rebels are almost here! The series returns with a pair of back to back episodes next Monday, February 19th at 9pm on Disney XD. Lucasfilm has sent out a new preview of the show’s return. Check it out! 

Full Story

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