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Filming for Episode IX Completed Today!

Wow, lots of news today, and even more to come tomorrow with Hasbro’s NY Toy Fair panel. JJ Abrams tweeted today that the filming for Episode IX has come to a close. Hopefully that means we’ll get a trailer and a title soon!

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Guess what? I watched The Force Awakens for the first time since it was in theaters over three years ago tonight. Those that read with any regularity know how I feel about the film. But if you don’t, in short, I think it’s the worst Star Wars film of the bunch (yes, I think it’s worse than The Last Jedi by a landslide). And I would go so far to say that it’s one of the worst films “period” I’ve ever seen too (for its deception of not being much more than an Episode IV reboot). That’s not hyperbole. I feel it took Star Wars down a path that a large chunk of the community couldn’t follow. Anyway, this isn’t another chance to jibe the film. I have rethought a couple of things, and I felt it is worth sharing. Click through for more.

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Will Disney Strike An Exclusive Deal With JJ Abrams?

Variety has a new exclusive story: apparently JJ Abrams is seeking to strike a huge deal with an entertainment company, in an effort to consolidate his business. As of now, Abrams has a contract with Paramount (for movies) and Warner Bros. (for TV related work). Abrams wants to change all that and is seeking a deal that would encompass not just movies and TV shows, but also digital content, music, games, consumer products and even theme park opportunities. Click through for some more details!

JJ Abrams

“You want to make a deal with me!”

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First Official Episode IX Set Photo

Director J.J. Abrams posted a very first photo from the set of Episode IX earlier today on Twitter. It doesn’t reveal or show much really, but still, it’s evidence that filming has begun. Now J.J. has the momumental task ahead of him to deliver the grand finale to the Skywalker saga. What you see in the photo is the camera rig and if you squint very hard it may very well be that John Boyega and some other person (Daisy Ridley?) are in the cockpit of what could be the Millennium Falcon. It also seems Finn finally got rid rid of his leather jacket, I wonder what Poe thinks about that!

Episode IX Set Photo

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Keri Russell Reportedly Joins Episode IX Cast

According to a report from Variety, Keri Russell  (The Americans, Felicity, Waitress) is in early talks to join Star Wars: Episode IX.  After meeting with several actresses for the role, which requires “action-heavy fight scenes”, Episode IX director JJ Abrams and Lucasfilm  agreed that Russell was the right choice. Abrams and Russell previously worked together on Felicity and Mission Impossible III. Abrams plans to cast two more actors before production on Episode IX begins at the end of the month. Keri Russell is certainly a very talented actress and a welcome addition to Star Wars. Head over to Variety for the full report!

Keri Russell in The Americans

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New Working Title For Episode IX

Our colleagues at Fanthatracks have uncovered the new working title for Episode IX. And apparently, the working title is: trIXie.

Is JJ Abrams a fan of My Little Pony? Read the full story on the Fanthatracks website.


Meet Trixie.

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Will Mara Jade Be In Episode IX?

Website That Hashtag Show reports that the casting process for Episode IX is underway. And apparently, JJ Abrams and casting director Nina Gold are looking for the following:

a female lead, 40-50 years old, to play the role of “MARA.”

It has to be said that it’s common practice to use code names instead of the real character names in casting, so it doesn’t necessarily mean that Mara Jade will be in Episode IX. Episode IX is still scheduled to begin filming in July, so we should know more very soon. Who could this 40-50 year old woman be? Someone who takes over from Leia? Rey’s mother? Holdo’s sister? Or Mara Jade after all? Speculate away!

Mara Jade

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Director Ava DuVernay posted this on her Twitter yesterday:

Happy to share this historic news. A black woman directing stories in a galaxy far, far away. First unit director #JJAbrams Second unit director @VictoriaMahoney. #StarWarsE9 #StarWars

Victoria Mahoney and JJ Abrams

Victoria Mahoney and JJ Abrams

Click through for some details.

Full Story

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Were Rey's Parents Supposed To Be Special After All?

When The Last Jedi was released one of the questions left unanswered by The Force Awakens was who exactly Rey’s parents were. And Rian Johnson’s movie gave an answer: they were filthy junk traders who sold Rey off for drinking money and they’re buried in a pauper’s grave on Jakku.

Ever since then fans have speculated if that was what JJ Abrams really had in mind when he set up the mystery, or if he had any solution to the mystery at all. Now, actor Simon Pegg was interviewed for a podcast and he shed some light on what JJ Abrams’ plan was. Click through to find out more.

Rey in The Last Jedi

Rey, sad about her parents

Full Story

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Script For Star Wars Episode IX Is Finished

JJ Abrams revealed on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert yesterday that the script for Star Wars Episode IX is complete.

It is a very dark and stormy night indeed

Imaginary re-enactment of the script writing process

Now, whether that is just the first draft or the actual shooting script is not confirmed. Filming for Episode IX is scheduled to begin in July 2018. So there would still be enough time to tweak the script.

One quote from Abrams’ interview stands out: “Having a script in advance is something we haven’t always been lucky enough to have.”

What are your hopes and fears concerning Episode IX? Do you think JJ Abrams and Chris Terrio can bring the sequel trilogy to a satisfying conclusion? What’s your wishlist of things you’d like to see, or maybe you’d rather not see at all?
And: will JJ Abrams somehow include a scene with a sail barge in the script?

Watch the clip with Abrams here.


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Episode IX Begins Production This Summer

But will the movie be good or bad? According to Movieweb.com, Episode IX production begins this summer. Check out the article HERE.

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Mark Hamill Reveals Original Ending To The Force Awakens

Mark Hamill has revealed the original intended ending for The Force Awakens that Rian Johnson changed. Uh-oh, Mark. Maybe you should seal those lips of yours. Aren’t you in enough hot water with Disney’s legal team for bashing your onscreen character? All kidding aside, check out the article.

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John Williams Confirms That He Will Score Episode IX

Living legend John Williams, now eighty-five years old, confirmed to Variety that he will score Episode IX. Williams simply told Episode IX director JJ Abrams, “I would very much like to complete that.” John Williams also shot down the idea that he planned on retiring and when asked to reflect on his sixty year career he said, “It feels like a good start.” Head over to Variety to check out the full story.

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J.J. Abrams Leaves A Paramount Project For Episode IX

Well, we have all heard by now that JJ Abrams has taken over for Colin Trevorrow as the Director of Episode IX, but THR also found out that he basically screwed over Paramount and a 10-Million Dollar obligation in order to take on the Star Wars project. You can read more about it at TheHollywoodReporter.com. Geeze, drama has become constanty associated with Disney’s Star Wars movies! (although TLJ has been pretty smooth, knock on wood!)

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UPDATE: Episode IX: New Writer, New Director, NEW RELEASE DATE!

THERE IS A BREAKING NEWS UPDATE! StarWars.com has updated their original story to note that Episode IX will now be released in theaters December 20, 2019.

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BREAKING NEWS! JJ Abrams To WRITE And DIRECT Star Wars Episode IX!

BREAKING NEWS! JJ Abrams will write and direct Star Wars Episode IX! StarWars.com has the full story! Chris Terrio will co-write.

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