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A Clarification To An Earlier Post: TBS6 On Force Friday II

I just wanted to clarify our earlier post because I feel it didn’t clearly layout what area of retail collectors may experience some difficulty finding these figures. So, to be clear, please accept this clarification. Our earlier article on the possibility that wave 2 might not be found everywhere on Force Friday II, found HERE, is written from a “brick and mortar” perspective. It should much less of an issue to find this “other” wave online. I just wanted to be clear on this point. So, if you’re going out on Force Friday II, have your devices handy. You never know if you might need them. Good luck to everyone!

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As you probably already know very well by now, there should be two waves of The Black Series [Phase III] 6″ figures available on Force Friday II. Jedi Temple Archives has learned that a possibility exists that the second of the two waves may not show up on September 1st, but arrive shortly thereafter. Just be of the mindset that if you don’t see that second wave on day one, it’s availability is imminent.

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Where Are All Of Those TBS6 Product Leaks?

A little birdie just told us that The Black Series [Phase III] 6″ figures due for Force Friday II (whatever characters they may be) have FINALLY shipped and are en route to retail. As you know, there has been much speculation on why these case assortments have not leaked yet (on eBay and even brick and mortar). Here is your answer. It looks as if everyone might have an equal chance now since Hasbro intentionally delayed their shipment to prevent…. you know…. as much abuse as possible.

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We have learned from our readers that Hasbro had multiple commercials of upcoming The Last Jedi products on their YouTube channel and they were all pulled shortly after posting (well, about 24 hours after the fact). We missed them completely. For a company adamant on keeping secrecy in effect, you’d think something like this wouldn’t slip through the cracks until Force Friday II.

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Force Friday II Is Only Two Weeks Away - We Have To Wait....

We thank you profusely for all of the store reports, images, Facebook and Twitter alerts for all new The Last Jedi merchandise. Because other media outlets are posting so many of these images and specific details on products, case assortments, official press imagery/assets and store exclusives information, we reached out to Litzky PR to ask once again if any of this information is “fair game” and if these things could be posted on our site. After all, we have been sadly sitting on all of these “breaking reveals” for months now. It’s been killing us. We were told unequivocally “no” that Litzky’s/Hasbro’s original rules are still in effect. They also let us know that they are hyper-aware of those who are breaching this understanding and are working internally to address these issues. This means our hands are tied at the moment. We tried to act on your behalf and get permission, but were denied. Hasbro has a scheduled/intended protocol for The Last Jedi product line. And while it doesn’t make sense when stuff is already in stores and on eBay, we have to abide for the time being. We know how frustrating this is (we’re dying inside), but there will be consequences for those sharing assets and details not intended for release just yet. We apologize in advance, but we’re doing our best to meet our audience’s needs while respecting Hasbro’s wishes at the same time. Please stay tuned as we learn more. You should always remember that JTA typically knows of what’s coming nine (9) months in advance. We will always remain groundbreaking in that regard. And we’ll point out when those “rumors” become facts (whether we’re credited or not). Please know that we don’t just wait for access to retailers products order lists to break news like what’s exactly happening now. We are actually investigating what’s coming our way deep into the future. We do our best to tease what’s coming. We will continue to do this, but blatant reveals, well, not until Hasbro gives the green light.

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We heard a rumor! You know there is a Finn in The Black Series [Phase III] 6″ line for Force Friday II (or shortly thereafter) right? You should probably expect a version of Finn in some First Order disguise and not in the common/standard outfit with open jacket. We’ve also learned that Poe Dameron should be in some captain’s gear too. But we should all wait to be sure when Force Friday II arrives!

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Some Additional Force Friday II TBS6 Specifics

Would you like to know which one of the four Praetorian Guard styles will be part of The Black Series [Phase III] 6″ figure assortment on Force Friday II? Then click through. But before you do, we can confirm that Maz Kanata is the replacement for the figure removed from the first couple of case assortments and Kylo Ren does indeed come with facial scarring this time around as our friends at have accurately reported. More details to follow soon.

Full Story

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What's The Deal With NO TBS6 Figure Leaks Yet?

With the sea of leaks of products from The Last Jedi line, it’s pretty interesting that NO The Black Series [Phase III] 6″ figures have leaked out yet, isn’t it? Expect those leaks to hit closer to Force Friday II (which we imagine could be quite imminent). #themoreyouknow

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Rumor Report: The Last Jedi Playset?

Our friends at has dug around the web and have found information that reveals a playset for The Last Jedi line. Check out their report. If their site doesn’t load, just click refresh. It can’t handle more than one user at a time. 🙂 (Just kidding guys!)

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We have learned something that might be of interest to Star Wars collectors. As you know, Force Friday II is coming (the Rogue Friday launch wasn’t truly a Force Friday event) on September 1st. There are rumors circulating that there will be some sort of device app that will function as an Easter egg hunt/scavenger hunt of sorts to help collectors find all of The Last Jedi Star Wars figures they need on that day. As with anything, take this rumor with a grain of salt until it is officially announced.

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