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Hasbro's Ultimate Co-pilot Chewbacca Revealed

Mashable is the next to reveal the latest Hasbro Star Wars toys. Collectors: get ready for Star Wars Ultimate Co-pilot Chewbacca! Check out the full story HERE.

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Hurry, TBS6 [SW40] Wave 2 Now In Stock At Amazon!

The Black Series 40th Anniversary wave 2 figures are now in stock at Amazon! Stormtrooper, Chewbacca, Sand People, C-3PO, Death Squad Commander, And Jawa! If they go out of stock, keep checking back. 

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50% Off All TRU Exclusive Star Wars Animatronics!

TRU has all their Exclusive Star Wars Animatronics marked down to $34.99 (down from $99)! This is a pretty great price for these.

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Official Images: Chewbacca Mighty Muggs Figure

Litzky PR on behalf of Hasbro has just released images of the new Mighty Muggs Chewbacca. This thing is pretty adorable. Check out the gallery on our Facebook page.

MIGHTY MUGGS Figure Assortment
(Ages 6 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $9.99/Available: January 2018)

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Product Page For The New TLJ 6" Black Series [P3] Chewbacca

Amazon has added the product page for the new TBS 6″ Episode VIII Chewbacca.  I was kinda hoping they would include a Porg! Can’t have enough Porgs! Though it really looks like they used the Episode VII image, let’s hope the actual one is different. Thanks to JTA reader TC Wood for the heads up!

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Chewbacca is our latest addition to the Star Wars [The Last Jedi] Visual Guide! Click below to have a look at him and the porg! We also have a full review and gallery of this figure right here.

Chewbacca - Star Wars [The Last Jedi]

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Review: Chewbacca [with Porg] - SW [TLJ] - Basic

Let’s continue a months-long look at new products from the Force Friday II product launch. Next up is Chewbacca from the Star Wars [The Last Jedi] line Find out more in our Research Droids Reviews today! Be sure to leave your own thoughts in our comments section, vote in the poll or even leave comments about it on our Facebook page. Click the banner below for the direct link to the review! As always, you can also send your own personal review requests via email if you’d like to see something that we didn’t cover yet.


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It's Going To Be a Major Porgblem For Collectors

So far there are three things that are sticking in my craw when it comes to porgs. 1. The pun of porg with “porn” (yuck). 2. The mispronunciation of “porg” with “prog” (duh),  3. And last but not least theft of these little porg accessories with the Star Wars [The Last Jedi] Chewbacca figure (this makes me so mad). We all knew this was inevitable. Hasbro, get ahead of this mess and produce “porg packs” or something. Thank you. Special thanks to friend Rum Sleg for the report and image.

Full Story

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Several Funko POP! The Last Jedi Figures Added To Amazon

Amazon has started listing their TLJ Funko POP! figures. Click below to have a look at Chewbacca, the First Order Executioner, and the Porg…


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More The Last Jedi Funko Pop! Figures!

I have stumbled across a few more The Last Jedi Pop figure images. Chewbacca, A Walmart Exclusive Resistance BB-Unit, and a Chase Limited Edition Porg (sorry, the image is awful).

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Holy Frijoles! That's A Lot Of 40th Anniversary Figures!

3 Chewbaccas, 16 Jawas, and 44 Death Squad Commanders! This isn’t a third grade math problem or the start of a joke, this is what JTA reader Agustín came across while on business in Monterrey, Mexico in a store called Julio Cepeda. We share in Agustín’s concern of how Monterrey has this many in stock, meanwhile tons of Walmarts and TRU’s have only received 1, 2, or even ZERO cases. ¡Ay Caramba! Thanks again to Agustín for this report!

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Gentle Giant Ltd. Early Bird Kit Up For Pre-order

The Gentle Giant LTD. Early Bird Kit can be pre-ordered right now! It retails for $279.99.

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Gentle Giant Ltd. announced the Jumbo Vintage Kenner Figure Early Bird Figures Early Bird Kit AND Early Bird Package at their presentation today! Awesome!


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Walmart Takes Advantage Of The Situation.... Again

This is not something we as collectors are unfamiliar with. Walmart has done this before, but just look at the egregious prices Walmart is selling Wave 2 at. These have been coming in and out of stock at this price since the announcement came of the discontinuation. What’s worse, they sell out within minutes. This is who we had to rely on for our 3.75″ SA figures for awhile…thankfully that is ending. Click through to see more images.

Full Story

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Tags: , , , , , , Has TBS6 [SW40] In Stock NOW! Hurry, Hurry! has wave 2 in stock now, be quick and grab your 40th Anniversary figures while you can. Special thanks to JTA reader Chris B. for the news!

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40th Anniversary Wave 2 Popping In And Out On Amazon

These have been going so very fast, so it doesn’t help for me to post in stock alerts. However, for the past few hours ALL of them have been coming in and out of stock frequently for $19.99. I got a Stormtrooper 2 hours ago and just now got Chewbacca. So I recommend keeping an eye out because these will get harder and harder to find.

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For our Canadian readers, has the all of wave 2 of the 40th Anniversary except for C-3PO in stock now. Thanks to JTA reader Elie for the alert!



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TBS 40th Anniversary Wave 2 Coming Your Way

Not only did I personally run to my local Walmart in East Brunswick, NJ at 10:43 PM to dig out a Wave 2 box from the stacks of toys, but we also got a report only 30 minutes later from JTA reader Aric who apparently did the exact same thing as me, but in Chicago. Keep an eye out folks! They seem to be coming around. I know many people haven’t even seen them yet, so don’t give up.


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