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Avengers Endgame broke all box office records when it was released. However, 24 days into the release of the movie it becomes obvious that Endgame will not be able to beat the domestic box office results of The Force Awakens. The Force Awakens had very, very strong legs, especially for a modern day blockbuster movie, and Avengers Endgame just can’t keep up. So The Force Awakens will remain the number 1 movie on the domestic alltime box office charts in the USA (unadjusted for inflation). But the story doesn’t end here. Click through for some more thoughts and numbers (and bar charts) about Star Wars at the box office.

Star Wars Queen Rey

Bend Your Knee!

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As all of you are aware, Avengers Endgame is opening this weekend. And the movie already had a record breaking $156 million Friday in North America. And while it’s not really that important, I do wonder if Endgame might actually beat The Force Awakens and become the new number 1 movie in the all time domestic box office charts (unadjusted for inflation). Infinity Way also had a better opening weekend than The Force Awakens but eventually ended up making only about 2/3 of The Force Awakens’ box office. So, what do you think? Will Endgame beat The Force Awakens? And… do you think The Rise of Skywalker has any chance at all to beat Endgame and become the number 1 box office hit of 2019? It will be difficult to top Endgame’s opening weekend, that much is certain!

Darth Vader Infinity Gauntlet


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Star Wars At The Box Office - A Comprehensive Overview

Today I would like to go back in time and take a look at how Star Wars performed at the box office. The franchise is almost 42 years old now, we’ve had 10 live action movies so far, there were ups, there were some downs. And even though comparing box office results from the late 1970s with those of 2018 is not really fair, there are still a lot of things we can look at. So click through for a very comprehensive overview of Star Wars box office performance. Some of the results may even surprise you!

Star Wars fans in 1977

Star Wars fans in 1977 in front of Mann’s Chinese Theatre

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Solo Facing Massive Second Weekend Drop!

Variety reports that box office forecasts for Solo are grim. The movie is projected to make as little as $29 million in North America this weekend. This would be a 66% drop from the opening weekend. And if that trend continues Solo may end up making less than $200 million domestic. The situation abroad is very similar with Solo even struggling in some markets to keep ahead of Deadpool 2. Disney and Lucasfilm now have the first veritable Star Wars box office bomb on their hands.

UPDATE: Box Office Mojo just posted the weekend estimates. Solo will make $29.2 million, only $6 million more than Deadpool 2.

Han Solo Drops

It’s a long way to the bottom

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Solo: A Star Wars Box Office Story

The box office estimates for the Solo Memorial Day opening weekend are in. And they are not pretty. According to Boxoffice Mojo Solo had a 3-day opening weekend of $84.7 million and a 4-day opening weekend of $103 million. Which means Solo is the first live action Star Wars movie ever in danger of becoming a serious flop. What does that mean? What are the reasons? Click through for a discussion!

Solo box office

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The Cinemascore for Solo: A Star Wars Story

Cinemascore has released their score for Solo: A Star Wars Story. And it’s an “A-” What that means for Solo’s box office results? Click through to find out more!

Solo Cinemascore

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Early Box Office Trend For Solo

While the Memorial Day Weekend still lies ahead, there are already some early numbers for the Thursday screenings of Solo: A Star Wars Story. And they are the lowest numbers for a Disney Star Wars movie yet. Click through for details!

Update: Disney lowers box office prediction for Solo!

Solo A Star Wars Story

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The Last Jedi Has Been Pulled From All Chinese Theaters

Although The Last Jedi has continued to perform well at the US box office, the film collapsed in China and has already been pulled from Chinese theaters. Star Wars has never had a strong foothold in China, the world’s second largest film market, but an already disappointing opening weekend followed by a disastrous second weekend drop of 92% sealed the film’s fate in China. To put things in perspective, The Last Jedi will finish outside of the top 50 in China and behind box office bomb Geostorm. The Hollywood Reporter did a great job of examining the continued failure of Star Wars in China. The problem stems from the well known fact that the original films never received a wide release in China. While franchises such as Fast and Furious focus on ease of access and mindless action, Star Wars films are often driven by nostalgia for and references to the original films. Jimmy Wu, who owns one of the largest theater chains in China, bluntly told The Hollywood Reporter, “Star Wars has no legacy here.” It is an interesting situation, and one that probably has some Disney executives concerned. Check out the full story at The Hollywood Reporter!

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After a massive opening weekend and a sharp second weekend drop, the box office performance of The Last Jedi has generated a lot of discussion. How has the film been performing since then? The film has already grossed over one billion dollars worldwide, and Variety reported on Wednesday that it passed Rogue One at the domestic box office. It’s not all good news though. The Last Jedi is latest Star Wars film to underperform in China. According to Variety, the film lost to a Chinese romantic comedy in its debut. The Force Awakens and Rogue One also disappointed at the Chinese box office, where Star Wars doesn’t have a strong foothold. Despite the doom and gloom surrounding the aforementioned second weekend drop, The Last Jedi is performing very well overall and similarly to past Star Wars sequels. In a detailed breakdown of the film’s performance, Forbes revealed that it will likely finish around 30% behind The Force Awakens. Thats nearly identical to The Empire Strikes Back and Attack of the Clones, who finished 32% and 28% behind their predocessors respectively.  

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