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Tag Archives: Amazon Puts New TBS 6" Pages Up! gives us a look at some of the new figures coming out on Force Friday II and they’re in stock for a Sept. 1 release. They have Finn (First Order Disguise), Kylo Ren (Episode VIII), Rey(Jedi Training), And Luke (Jedi Master). What do you think about them now that we get a good look at them. Thankfully it isn’t the same old Finn!

UPDATE: These images have been removed.

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Forces Of Destiny Product Pages Added To Amazon

The first wave of Forces of Destiny dolls have product pages on Amazon. Check them out! Special thanks to JTA reader riversjunctionite for the news!


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The "Real" TBS6 [P1] Darth Maul Is Back In Stock On Amazon

More “real” Darth Maul figures are available on Amazon from Toy Vendor UK in case you’re interested. These are 100% legitimate TBS [P1] Darth Maul figures.


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Several Jakks Pacific Big Figs have been posted on the Amazon Germany site. Minor spoilers ahead if you click through. Check out Poe Dameron and the First Order Elite Guard. Thanks to Yakface for the heads-up. 

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TBS6 [P1] Darth Maul Price Drop On Amazon

Awhile back, both Paul and I took the gamble after seeing all the reviews and images of this Darth Maul from seller Toy Vendor – UK and it paid off. Both of us were happy to find out it is real and in great condition. Well, the seller dropped the price back down to $37.50 with free shipping. So if you still want a legitimate Darth Maul to go with your new 6″ Qui-Gon, now is the time to jump! Only a few left.

UPDATE: Looks like we all bought him out! lol, There was 8 available when I posted, but Toy Vendor – UK is sold out now. I don’t have ANY verification on any other sellers so buy at your own risk.

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It's Time For Amazon Prime Day!

Starting at 9PM ET Amazon Prime members get exclusive access to Prime Day specials. New deals start as often as every five minutes for 30 hours, and don’t just look for the Lightning Deals, there’s also Prime Day Spotlight Deals and more. The last few years there were some tasty Star Wars deals to be had, so happy hunting and send us any deals you find and we will help spread the word! Remember, you have to be an Amazon Prime member to take advantage of any of these deals. You can help support JTA by clicking through our links before you do your Prime Day shopping.  

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Watch For The Black Series 6 Inch Price Drops On Amazon

Some great Prime deals are already popping up, and it’s not even 9PM yet (the official start of Amazon’s Prime Day). Check out some of the low prices for The Black Series figures already. K-2SO ($11.81), Director Krennic ($8.95), and Imperial Death Trooper ($14.82). And, the Tusken Raider has dropped a bit below its normal retail price to $19.99. Click here to browse through all of the TBS6 figures, and keep checking back for more price drops!

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Erso, Raddus And Sefla Back In Stock On Amazon

Rogue One wave 4 is back in stock on Amazon for “acceptable” prices. Forget about Fenn Rau though. Thanks to JTA reader Sean C. for the alert!

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Star Wars Amazon Daily Deals

There is a Star Wars section in the Amazon Daily Deals today that features up to 30% off Star Wars favorites. There really is a little bit of everything in there, so it might be worth taking a look. Some highlights would be TBS6 [P3] Death Trooper for $11.47 and TBS6 [P3] Unmasked Kylo Ren for a mere $7.55 and the Legendary Jedi Training Yoda for $39.95 with all of these qualifying for free One-Day shipping. Thanks to JTA reader Adam for the alert!

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Amazon Matches Best Buy's Price For Jedha Revolt

Amazon is NOW MATCHING the Best Buy price for the Jedha Revolt four-pack. Special thanks to JTA reader and friend Steve U. for sharing the news!

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40th Anniversary Titanium Figures Lowered On Amazon

It looks like the prices are dropping, albeit rather slowly. Most of them are $14 or a bit under on Amazon currently with Free One-Day Shipping for Prime members. Maybe it’s time to jump, or maybe they’ll drop more. Who Knows? Or, maybe they’ll end up out of production and worth triple the amount and we’ll be left buying from scalpers!

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40th Anniversary Wave 2 Popping In And Out On Amazon

These have been going so very fast, so it doesn’t help for me to post in stock alerts. However, for the past few hours ALL of them have been coming in and out of stock frequently for $19.99. I got a Stormtrooper 2 hours ago and just now got Chewbacca. So I recommend keeping an eye out because these will get harder and harder to find.

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In case you weren’t aware, new Forces of Destiny doll images made their way up on Amazon a couple of days ago (only if you dig long enough!) and also the writer of the series, Jennifer Muro, had some interesting things to say on Star Wars most inspiring women. Click through to see more on the images and the interview.

Full Story

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Hurry! TBS6 Wave 11 Back In Stock For $21.99 Each!

Jedha Revolt 4-Pack Price Drop

If you’re still looking to grab the Jedha Revolt 4-pack, Amazon has them listed at $17.99. Or if you prefer, Walmart has it for $18.75. I will say, it is a nice little 4-pack especially with the inclusion of Saw. So if you’ve been waiting, it may be time to pull the trigger. Special thanks to JTA reader Logan for bringing this to our attention!

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Darth Maul: This Time I Know It's For Real

For any concerned readers out there, the Darth Maul figures available on Amazon from Toy Vendor UK are 100% legitimate TBS [P1] Darth Maul figures. I received mine over the weekend and I can guarantee these aren’t bootleg figures. I had to get one to be sure. Plus, the stickers were simple to remove. They only have six (6) left as of this post if you’re interested.

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TBS6 [P3] Wave 11 Popping In And Out Of Stock

I’ve been seeing them come in and out every few minutes. I know Qui-Gon and Lando are there now, but keep checking.

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TBS6 [P3] Wave 11 Inventory Too Good To Be True?

Well, as much as I had hoped Amazon was taking notes on their previous overselling of pre-orders, it seems we’re starting to see some of the same issues. We have been lucky to see a steady flow of stock on Amazon, but some of our readers have reported receiving delay notifications on their orders. Have you experienced something similar or is this an isolated incident? Thanks to JTA reader Agustín for the news.

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TBS6 Wave 11 In Stock On Amazon... But Going Fast!

Get them while you can. Currently listed at $21.99, but probably not for long.

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Real Or Not Real, That Is The Question!

I have seen my fair share of Darth Maul bootlegs (as I’m sure you all have), but this seller’s seems to be legit. The real question is: Is it or isn’t it? Find out after the jump.

Full Story

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Pre-order (Royal Guard, Lando, Tusken Raider and Qui-Gon) wave 11 on Amazon RIGHT NOW! Special thanks to Jeff D. and darthvaderdisco for the quick alerts!

UPDATE: It seems to be a similar situation to yesterday, frequently coming in and out of stock. I suggest enabling 1-click and just keep refreshing.

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Amazon Has TBS6 [P3] Tusken Raider In Stock

Hurry! Amazon has Tusken Raider in stock now. IRG was in stock for less than 30 seconds.

Update: Out of Stock. HOWEVER, IRG, Qui-Gon, Lando, and Tusken are popping in and out frequently so keep checking and try using 1-click to snag them fast!

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Some folks who pre-ordered the TBS 40th Anniversary figures from Amazon back in February are still getting delayed shipping notices, this time with no estimated delivery date. I’d recommend keeping those orders while you still hunt for them else ware. Hopefully, they will eventually fill them all! Thanks for the alert Donald!

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