TC-70 (Jabba The Hutt's Protocol Droid) - Legacy Collection [2] Build A Droid -

Name: TC-70 (Jabba The Hutt's Protocol Droid)

Collection: Legacy Collection [2]

Status: TC-70 is a rework of the 3PO-series protocol Build A Droid sculpt, first seen with 2009's TLC U-3PO (Build A Droid) figure.

Source: Return of the Jedi

Availability: October 2013

License: Hasbro

Retail: $0.00 USD

Accessory Details: None

Additional Resources

TC-70 (Jabba the Hutt's Protocol Droid) Build A Droid Figure Information

TC-70 parts can be found in the following figures:

Sandtrooper – TC-70 head

212th Battalion Clone Trooper – TC-70 right arm

Sun Fac – TC-70 left arm

FA-4 – TC-70 body

Black Squadron TIE Pilot – TC-70 right leg

Battle Droid – TC-70 left leg

Visual Guide Credits

Image Composite: Chuck Paskovics
Photography: Chuck Paskovics
Graphics, Page Layout & Design: Chuck Paskovics
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