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Special Report: Clone Wars Volume 1 DVD Review
by: Embra and Joris DeSmet

March 2005

Introduction | Chapters 1 - 10

Chapter11_01 Chapter 11

The newly arrived starfighter has an ace pilot behind the stick; that much Anakin learns when chasing after it. The mad pursuit takes them from the vastness of open space to the planet’s surface and back up again. Suddenly Asajj Ventress decides she has seen enough play and disappears into hyperspace.

Chapter11_02 Anakin blatantly ignores Obi-Wan’s orders when he charges after her. Obi-Wan can only send a platoon of Clones after him for assistance and hope all will end well …

Chapter12_01 Chapter 12

We leave Obi-Wan and Anakin momentarily to their worries and join in on Mace Windu’s experiences instead. He and his own Clone army have arrived on the planet Dantooine and are well on their way to reduce yet another CIS Droid army to scrap.

Chapter12_02 Unfortunately, the CIS has dispatched a very special kind of initiative to thwart the Jedi Council member’s plans. The situation looks grim when a strange vehicle, an enormous seismic tank -- basically a giant floating jackhammer, comes hovering over the battlefield and starts crushing friend and foe alike …

Chapter13_01 Chapter 13

Mace is fortunately very hard to kill and able to withstand quite some opposition even without his trusted purple lightsaber. For a moment, it looks like Master Windu will get the worst of it, but when his lightsaber flashes by the odds turn spectacularly again.

Chapter13_02 In the end, Master Mace can contently look down on another battle won.

And as you can imagine, fighting this kind of battles is an occupation that makes you very thirsty …

Chapter14_01 Chapter 14

Since Mace didn’t leave us with a lot of interesting conversation matter anymore; we again hop through the Galaxy to another planet: on the icy planet of Ilum Jedi Master Luminara Unduli and her apprentice Barriss Offee prepare for the last of the initiation rituals in a Jedi’s learning program: the construction of a lightsaber.

Chapter14_02 Barriss manages wonderfully, but there unfortunately isn’t much time for celebration. She has to put her newly acquired tool to use immediately when dozens of ill-tempered predecessors of the Imperial Probe Droid enter and try destroying the sacred crystal caverns and the surrounding Jedi Temple!

Barriss and Luminara put up heavy resistance, but that may prove to be insufficient …

Chapter15_01 Chapter 15

Luckily for Barriss and Luminara, Yoda senses something is going awfully wrong on Ilum and redirects his current transport, Padmé’s cruiser, to the rescue.

When he arrives, he doesn’t want Padmé to get involved and asks her to wait for him within the relative safety of the cruiser. She agrees but only with a big deal of reluctance.

Chapter15_02 When Yoda moves out, he finds the chameleon droids on his path soon enough, but as one could expect, nuts and bolts don’t just stop someone so incredibly strong in the Force …

Chapter16_01 Chapter 16

Of course, Padmé ends up deciding that Master Yoda takes too much time for his rescue mission and follows in his tracks to see if she can be of any help. As a result, she finds herself in trouble rather quickly when she also encounters the tinplate killer droids.

With a little resourcefulness and Artoo’s and Threepio’s assistance, she opposes the probe droids quite well, but it will eventually take Master Yoda to save the day.

Chapter16_02 He saved Barriss and Luminara just a bit earlier … and all this explains why the little green man is such an incredible chick magnet!

Having Artoo around then proves very convenient for finding out who exactly sent the mine-laying assassin droids to the sacrosanct Jedi Temple.

Chapter17_01 Chapter 17

Anakin arrives in the meantime at the Yavin system in pursuit of Asajj’s ship and heads towards the Massassi Temple sticking out of the jungle bush; seemingly the only sign of civilization around. The Clone platoon Obi-Wan dispatched arrives shortly after and they meet up with Anakin, who takes up command. Anakin orders them to search the jungle for the landing spot of the enemy fighter and they fan out.

Chapter17_02 But the otherwise able Clone soldiers will find nothing … instead; they are picked off and killed one by one by an invisible hazard. Not even the materials are spared when Asajj blows up the last Clone, the transport ship and Anakin’s starfighter including his trusted astromech.

Only when as such the odds are evened out, Asajj steps forward and the confrontation between her and Ani can begin …

Chapter18_01 Chapter 18

The titan fight will take Anakin and Asajj from the ground level up into the trees and back down in a deadly whirl of flashing lightsabers. They seem equally matched in both cunning and prowess, but it is Asajj who eventually controls her environment best. Anakin rises wounded and angry.

Chapter18_02 As if it feels the terrible effects of Anakin’s unchained anger looming, the planet sky starts weeping big rain tears down on the feuding warriors …

Chapter19_01 Chapter 19

Anakin resumes the battle with newfound determination and again both Force adepts engage in a lightsaber battle of epic proportions.

Entangled in the deadly fight they work their way to the top of the Massassi Temple where the inevitable takes place: Anakin draws power from his anger and Asajj bites the dust.

Chapter19_02 Not so much Asajj’s defeat as the agony of Anakin giving in to the Dark Side sends chilling ripples through the Force; Anakin has taken yet another important step towards becoming the vilest of Sith Lords …

Chapter20_01 Chapter 20

In the meantime, the battle at Muunilinst has been concluded in the favor of the Republic Forces. When also Anakin returns victorious from his encounter with Asajj, all seems well on the surface.

But the cheering can’t last for long … mere seconds after the cry of victory, Obi-Wan receives a message from Master Daakman Barrek and is shown scenes of defeat on the planet Hypori. The last survivors of the Republic army dispatched to Hypori consist of just six Jedi: Ki-Adi Mundi, Aayla Secura, Shaak Ti, Daakman’s Padawan Sha'a Gi, Cerean Jedi Knight Tarr Seirr and Whiphid Jedi Master K'Kruhk.

Chapter20_02 Very soon, they meet with the reason for their troubles in person … General Grievous! The illustrious General writes his entrance in blood when he kills and gravely wounds three more of the remaining Jedi. Grievous is not a Force adept, but defying Jedi with their own weapon of choice doesn’t seem to give Grievous any trouble at all. Very soon, the three Jedi Masters find themselves cornered …

Yoda, standing light-years away on Coruscant, feels their fear echoing through the Force …

Will the remaining Jedi be able to leave the confrontation with General Grievous alive? Only when you’ll review the episodes on the next Clone Wars DVD, you will know …

- Introduction -    - Chapters 1 through 10 -


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