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Bring on the barge! In order for us to approach Hasbro with this petition, we would like at least 10,000 signatures supporting this cause, so would you kindly sign the petition? Do your part to help make this 3.75" scaled vehicle a reality so it can sail its way into your collection! Hasbro has hinted that they'd love to make a Sail Barge, but they'd like to gauge things like interest, cost and other things from collectors. Here is your chance!

The collective goal here is to garner a significant amount of signatures from Star Wars collectors by January 31, 2013. We will then take these results with us and submit them to Hasbro at NY Toy Fair in February. With your support we hope that the iconic Sail Barge vehicle can be realized in a very exciting vehicle/playset for the 3.75" line. But it won't happen without you! So please sign our petition! After you sign it, be sure to leave some of your thoughts in the comments module below where you can discuss desired price points, features you want to see included and just general discussion about this awesome vehicle! Thank you for your support!

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