Princess Leia/Tobbi Dala (Hasbro - The Legacy Collection Comic Packs 7) -

Name: Princess Leia/Tobbi Dala

Collection: The Legacy Collection (Comic Packs #7)

Source: Expanded Universe (Marvel Comics' Star Wars #69)

Availability: October 2008

License: Hasbro

Retail: $12.99 USD

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Figure Information:

Princess Leia

Status: Princess Leia is a kit-bashed figure that utlizes the body from the Princess Leia Organa figure from 1998's POTF2 Mynock Hunt Cinema Scenes set and the head from 1998's POTF2 Princess Leia Organa In Hoth Gear figure. The figure has also been repainted in the colors of the Marvel comics. A new holster/belt combination has been added as well.

Accessory Details: removable vest, blaster pistol


Tobbi Dala

Status: Tobbi Dala is a retool (and subsequent repaint) of the Boba Fett figure from 2007's TAC The Fett Legacy Evolutions set. The figure has been given an all-new head sculpt.

Accessory Details: removable helmet, removable jetpack, blaster pistol


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