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Special Report: An Introduction to Customizing
by: Joris DeSmet

What Are Customs?

Customs are often display pieces first.

If you look at pictures of customs on web sites or in magazines, you very often get the feeling that an artist just produced the toy that you always have dreamt about. In reality, he didn't. It just looks like the toy you always have dreamt about. It's a custom and consequently not a factory-produced toy and that makes quite the difference. It's a very important first thing to know. Customizing will deliver you in most cases display pieces that you certainly cannot play around with as much as a regular toy.

What? Okay, okay, you are right. In the meantime, Hasbro is trying hard to counter that wee fact, especially since their launch of "quick draw" action figures, which basically seems to mean that you launch a figures' arm through the room when you hit a button. I find at times it is safer to play with my customs indeed...

Seriously again, if you want to build a diorama and you want Giran to stand next to Malakili when he starts manhandling Luke, then customizing is probably your only way out. The Giran custom you see in this picture was based on the reference picture you see next to it and was constructed using parts of many other figures. As a result of all the fitting together, Giran is not able to move head, left arm and legs anymore. Giran may then be just a display piece, but it sure looks nice to have him there. My plastic Malakili finally doesn't have to take care of the Rancor alone anymore …

Looks exciting? I may think so!

But don't rush it! There's a lot more to be told before we'll be there...



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